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Personal Amber of Sorrow
Race Zoraï
Gender Male
Nation Zoraï
Organization Theocracy leaders
Worship Kami
↳ Status
Character played by an animator

Sage Sorrow, seen from afar because getting too close would singe you.

Sage Sorrow is a religious leader in the Zoraï government.

The Zoraï nation is theocracy, meaning their political leaders are also their spiritual leaders. The head of state is the Grand Sage, Mabreka Cho. Directly below him are 2 Sages, Sage Sorrow and Sage Season. They are the highest religious leaders in Zoraï society below the Grand Sage. Of the two of them, Sage Sorrow is the one more often seen in public.

Sage Sorrow appeared in the events The Awakening and A Fragrant Gift. He also frequently attends assemblies of the Awakened.

Sage Sorrow facts

The following are 'true' facts about Sage Sorrow. They are not to be taken seriously.

1. Sage Sorrow is the reason the Zoraï need a Medic occupation.

2. Ever wonder what's done with all that data the Magnetic Cartographers collect? It's send to Sage Sorrow, who then kicks the magnetic fields back in line.

3. There are rumours Sage Sorrow has been driven mad by the Goo. These rumours are false. In fact the Goo has been driven mad by Sage Sorrow.

4. The Great Swarming destroyed every homin army and nation in it's way, and only came to a stop when the Kitin trampled Sage Sorrow's garden.

5. Sage Sorrow wears a mask because looking into his eyes would blind you. The Zoraï wear masks because they want to be like Sage Sorrow.

6. Sometime in the beta, a Tryker jumped onto Sage Sorrow as he was meditating. Nobody on Atys has ever dared to jump again.

7. The second half of the Kitin Lair is closed off because Sage Sorrow killed all the kitin in there before the Kitin Lair could even be released.

8. Every time you get a message in your sysinfo telling you your character has been saved, it was Sage Sorrow who saved it. By killing a kincher offscreen that was about to jump you.

9. Arispotle is the emptiest server of the three because a server that has to house Sage Sorrow has little room left for players.

10. The Gibbaï are actually the primitive form of the Matis, not of the Zoraï. The Zoraï have no primitive form. The Zoraï *are* the primitive form of Sage Sorrow.

11. The Canopy ecosystem was released long ago, but Sage Sorrow kept it as his own private meditation spot.

12. In ancient times, the top PvP guild grew arrogant enough to think they could take on even Sage Sorrow. Every outpost on Atys has been in ruins ever since.

13. There is no multi-boxing. All your alts are belong to Sage Sorrow, and he controls them telepathically.

14. Sage Sorrow convinced the devs to get rid of Still Wyler because he wanted more Tryker women in politics. (As further proved by the make-up of the Awakened.)

15. The strange trajectories of the celestial bodies in the Atysian sky all make sense when you realise everything revolves around Sage Sorrow.

16. Sage Sorrow considers "cast time", "cooldown" and "2-handed" to be merely suggestions.

17. Sage Sorrow once tried to use a teleport pact, and the altar teleported to him.

18. Sage Sorrow is naturally immune to elemental magic. He once tried on a PvP jewelry set and it raised his protections so high, elemental magic now heals him.

19. Sometime in the future, Sage Sorrow will try on amplifiers that improve casting speed. We know this because the spells he'll cast at that time have already hit their targets.

20. Whenever you get a very lucky streak of dodges, you know that somewhere on the planet Sage Sorrow is using Lightning Wall Aura.

21. Sage Sorrow invented the double-spell. By accident. His chance to resist spells was raised to 200% by his jewelry, and this caused every spell fired at him to turn into a double-spell just so he could resist it twice.

22. Many have wondered why Maiden Grove has no maidens. The answer is it used to, but they've all long since left the region to chase after Sage Sorrow.

23. Many have also wondered why Void isn't empty. The answer is the region got it's name when it was first discovered; and the discoverer arrived in the region just after Sage Sorrow did.

24. During this incident, Sage Sorrow also invented the yubo. Or rather, the last few yetins left in Void spontaneously mutated themselves into yubos to escape Sage Sorrow's wrath.

25. Before Sage Sorrow passed through it, the Scorched Corridor was known as "the rest of the Flaming Forest". Before Sage Sorrow visited Liberty Lake, it was known as Mount Liberty.

26. Sage Sorrow can dual-wield yubo plushies. But he never does, because any yubo plushie he wields spontaneously starts breathing fire and shooting lasers from it's eyes.

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