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    The salin is the fruit of the salina, red and sweet, it matures in summer.

    You can make pies out of them.

Salins and Gibbaï

   In Floris 2613, Haido Xuan, led an expedition in Nexus, in order to find a more pacific way to deal with the gibbaï than to slaughter them. As someone suggested in the first expedition, the first step was to meet the Gibads. Amagastaï, their leader, suggested to coax them with sweets such as Salins which they are very fond of. Troughs were installed to allow the homins to divert the attention of the more aggressive gibbai and allow them to harvest the resources that now make the nexus so wealthy, and to collect the Salina sap that they need for research.
    Bixa Moi-Mon, has settled a small camp, in a relatively safe place, where he provides homins with supplies for salin harvesting.

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