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Latest edition: Dorothée, 11.09.2021
de:Letzte Quest
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es:Búsqueda definitiva
fr:Ultime quête
ru:Окончательный квест
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Notes: (Dorothée, 2021-09-11)

Ultimate Quest [1]

    Three weeks! Three weeks had gone by, and still no news!
But even before that, Orphie had seemed... different. Lost in her thoughts, not leaving her office. She had allowed in only rare visitors, including a couple of unknown homins.
     And when, at last, she had got out, that had been to ask for something to be readied for her to depart to the kitin's lair of Almati Wood. Alone.
Apocamus had stormed, shouted, argued, cajoled, trying by force and kindness to convince her not to undertake such a journey alone. But she had had the last word and appointed Melga Folgore to replace her during her absence, which, she had assured, would not last more than two weeks.
And three weeks had gone by.

Wide spread poster:

     Rangers, friends of the Rangers,

    The hour is serious!
    Orphie Dradius is reported missing during a mission in the kitins' lair of Almati Wood.

    A rescue expedition will leave on 13h - Quinteth, Winderly 11, 2nd AC 2612 [2] from the Ranger Circle.

    We invite all the volunteers to come and lend it their support.

Apocamus Dradius,
Veteran Ranger.

A great emptiness

Excerpts from Melga Folgore's diary, never published [3].

Winderly 16, CA2 2612 

     Apocamus is inconsolable. He still performs his duties as an Instructor correctly, but he is more severe and demanding than before with the teams he trains.
    Orphie… Orphie, but why did you have to go there, and alone in addition? Why were you interested in Tepsen? Because we found his amber cube in the Kitins' Lair? If I'd known, I would have held you back. I'm sorry.
    You've left a great emptiness, and the atmosphere in the camp is gloomy. The Rangers are much affected, myself first.

Winderly 22, CA2 2612 

    Today, we received Daeronn Cegrips who came to share his conclusions after first analyses of the kirosta sting found near the lifeless body of Orphie. Of course, he asserts that no kitin of such darkness has ever been seen on Atys, either on or under the Bark.
    Some Rangers want to return into the depths of the kitins' lair in search of the kitin this stinger was arming. Well may I tell them that, as her first-rate Ranger seal was not enough to protect Orphie, they don't know what awaits them, they persist in their desire to go and see. That's sheer madness: such a search will only end up making us mourn other deaths. I am tired of all this.

Winderly 25, CA2 2612 

    Routine matters have been piling up. Orphie had neglected them a bit to devote herself to her research. I have a lot to do.

Daeronn Cegrips' Report [4]

Analysis report of the kitin fragment
Analysis report of the kitin fragment submitted on 2612-2-1-7 by Melga Folgore


Fragment found in the Almati Wood Kitin's Lair, next to the lifeless body of Orphie Dradius.


    A trained eye will quickly recognize in this fragment a tapered section of the abdomen of a kirosta, characterized by a bifid ending composed of a cornicle and a stinger.
The abdomen of a kirosta consists of four segments:

  • first segment, connected to the thorax, ascending ;
  • second segment, vertically positioned, descending and very constricted at its junction with the third ;
  • third and fourth segment, horizontal, darted between its long legs by the insect.

    The fragment contains segments 2 to 4, as well as the complete appendages. It is thus an abdomen that has been sliced up between the first two segments. The size of the abdomen is relatively modest for a kirosta, between those of the abdomens of "nettled" and "incensed" kirostas.
    The color of the specimen is totally singular and fascinating, of a black that does not reflect any light, emitting only here and there vermilion gleams forming spots or lines, depending on the angle of observation. This color has never been observed before, except perhaps in the native varinxes of the Prime Roots or the gibbaïs.

First hypothesis: this kirosta would be a mutant specimen, selected by its hive for its color supporting the camouflage in the dark places.

Accelerated decay

    Three days after being brought back to the Academy, the fragment began to give off a very stench odor and black mold formed on the surface of the chitin. After five days its condition had deteriorated further: the chitin was now soft. So I ordered the sample to be cut into three parts (the three segments) and each one to be stabilized in its original state in a Daïsha stanza [5].I also took some mold samples for further analysis.

Second hypothesis: this kirosta would be a sick specimen, affected by a powerful pathogen causing a severe necrosis.


    This last hypothesis seemed to me, given the rapidity of the degradation, the most plausible. But it is also the most promising: the identification of the pathogen in question could indeed prove decisive in the fight of the Homins against the kitin populations. This is why a new study has already been launched to find the pathogen in the wild with the help of samples taken.

  Daeronn Cegrips,
Master of the Chair of Knowledge

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