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Notes: (Craftjenn, 2024-04-28)

Locian Wyler (Still's daughter) is happy to see so many of us

Letter from Nilstilar Thorec to Stevano Karan

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Nilstilar Thorec

After several days of reflection, Nilstilar, released two weeks earlier from his Crystabell prison by the Taliari gathered around Governor Ailan Mac'Kean, decided to inform his Sovereign of his peaceful return to Yrkanis and instructed Christianils, his favourite izam, to bring him the missive reproduced below:

Yrkanis, Germinally the 7th of 2627-4, to Stevano Karan

    Your Majesty,

    Allow me, first of all, to express my gratitude to You for having, as soon as You were informed of my abduction in the Grove, seized the Federation of Naw Trykoth in the person of its Governor so that I could be returned without delay or condition to my home and duties. For it was this firmness that enabled me to return to my apartment unhindered at the close of the extraordinary Taliari Assembly convened by Ailan Mac'Kean at the end of last month.

    From the said Assembly You know, for sure (I don't doubt it for a moment: Your yenei promptly brought its minutes to Your attention), that the decision to send me home was not the only one. The Taliari have in fact agreed to rally the inhabitants of the Lakes to come in front of Your Palace on next Follialy the 2nd[1], to demand loudly (and with festivities!) the release of Ser Staerano, a citizen of the Lakes unjustly held prisoner in the Forest on suspicion of a plot for which no proof was able to be produced.

    As You are also aware (the Hand is watching!) that I opposed at the time the arrest of this homin on the basis of rumors alone, I have come to ask You at last to allow Your Majesty to uphold this claim. In complying with your request, the Taliari have shown a commendable desire for appeasement.

    Matis aiye!

    PS ((You will no doubt have been informed of the conditions of my six months' detention… I confess they were benign: the Crystabell Sergeants, while they were able to deprive me of both my clothes and my izam, did not succeed in preventing me from joining the open air at will… thus the path to the Jena altar of my choice. So, in fact, it was "on my word" that I was detained…))
    Nilstilar Thorec
    Ambassador of Your Majesty near the Naw Trykoth Federation and (interim) near the Ranger Organization

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The party

We danced, sang and shouted slogans for a long time[2]. Line Cuidi (Matis Royal Guard) prevented us from entering, letting only ambassadors through...

At around 9:27 a.m., Quarta, 04 Folially, 4th CA 2627, the ambassadors leave the royal palace.

Text is in French - see fr:Fête_de_la_liberté#Les_dialogues.


(*) Ambassador Tryker Fleurdetuber, Locian Wyler (Still Wyler's daughter), Taliar Chanchey, Ambassador Tryker Eolinius, Taliar Chenli, Taliar Nizyros, Ambassadress Tryker Lorlyn (not present on the lucio)

From Craftjenn, the reporter:

Notes and links

  1. OCC: Sunday, March 10, 2024 at 20:00 UTC
  2. IRL, I arrived a little late at 8:56pm and it ended at 11:22pm (French hour) for the last ones, Paris time. So, with the Calendar two Atysian days: from 2 Folially at 7pm to 4 7pm (4th CA 2627).