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Taxonomic Amber
Kingdom Plants
Category Intelligent
Main Ecosystem(s) Forest, Jungle & Desert (rare)
Counterattack type Pierce & Poison
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Notes: (Lanstiril, 2019-11-12)

A large intelligent plant with fleshy leaves, a cratcha can fully rotate its flower thanks to a thin, flexible stem.

When threatened the cratcha's single flower is thrust forth and spits a deadly, viscous substance, strewn with barbels, that sticks to the victim. poisoned substance. Movement of its pistils gives indication of impending attack.

Mostly found in the Witherings and the Verdant Heights, it is rare in desert areas.[1]

Main Details

  • Naturally immune to Fear.
  • Highly resistant to Acid magic.
  • Partially resistant to Cold and Poison magic as well as piercing damage.

Valued Resources

Cratchas can be quartered for:

Exceptional Specimens


Destroyer Cratcha

  • Level: 210
  • Type: Named
  • Grade of Materials: Choice
  • Location: Nexus

Hierarchy of Species

Cratcha in the Sap Slaves camp
Level Name
224 Devastating Cratcha
215 Prodigeous Cratcha
205 Rapacious Cratcha
196 Horrifying Cratcha
178 Rattled Cratcha
168 Prickly Cratcha
159 Unpredictable Cratcha
149 Vile Cratcha
137 Noxious Cratcha
127 Rooting Cratcha
117 Stalking Cratcha
107 Parched Cratcha

Contaminated Specimens

In recent years, a cratcha infected by the Goo have been seen in the Witherings.

Level Name
215 Fiendish Cratcha
205 Frenzied Cratcha

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