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2018 Events


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On the Ryzom Forge meeting (2018/09/10), announces about the future: RP events on the Fridays and Sundays and regarding OOC events too.

Date: 07 Sept.

Description: Alerted about a new expansion of the Goo in the Void region, Haido Xuan, Chiaera Cuirinia and the homins present go to the site from Paramount Stock. More on Official News... ..

Date: 02 Sept.

Description: The Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani invite you in Almati Wood, in front of the new Fortune Wheel for the unveiling More on the forum Events and the Official News... ..

Date: Saturday February 17

Description: Any departure from Silan, the beginners' island, was before now, final. From now on (Saturday February 17, 2018), it will be possible to return at will from the Mainland.... More on the forum Official News... ..

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