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2011 Events

Date: Saturday 10 September, Sunday 11 September, Saturday 17 September and Sunday 18 September

Description: Homins of the New Lands, your pitiful attempts to stop the shipments of materials barely affected our plans and so our mission proceeds on schedule. Do not think that you will be forgiven your transgressions upon my clan members! Our arrival is imminent and we will strike hard and fast. .. Read more...

Date: Saturday, 27 August, 20:00 GMT

Description: The flowering period has finally arrived for Stevano-Karin, only son of Yrkanis-Karan, Jena's chosen one, and Lea Lenardi-Karae. Stevano-Karin's marriage to Fillia Taloa will be held on at the Knoll of Dissent in a beautiful grove of birches to the west of Dryland Gate Stronghold. .. Read more...

Date: Sunday 14 August, Friday 19 August, Sunday 21 August, Friday 26 August and Sunday 28 August

Description: A secret meeting organized by Akilia Ash Storm goes as planned in the Prime Roots. At this meeting she will say something very important for the future of Atys. You need to know what's going on. Preparations for the cargo to the Syndicate of Despair in the Witherings is nearing completion. .. Read more...

Date: Saturday, 18 June, 20:00 GMT

Description: The Karavan Research Division needs homin assistants to aid in collecting data at the Kitins' Lair in Almati Wood. There is a need for guards, larvesters, harvesters, careplanners, and data collectors. Apply at the Karavan Researcher's camp outside the Ranger Camp in Almati Wood with qualifications and proper gear. .. Read more...

Date: Saturday, 9 April, 20:00 GMT

Description: Prince Stevano finalizes his plans and observes his orders being carried out. He prepares to break camp soon. The King orders that they carry on quickly. They will put the plan into action and march to reclaim their lands. Triumph or fail; the time has finally come. The end is upon us. .. Read more...

Date: Wednesday, 9 March, 00:00 GMT

Description: A light breeze blows through the jungle, scented with the fragrance of the Jayazengs plant. Appearing through the brush is a sinister-looking, arrogant Zoraï, fouling the air with his putrid, acrid odor. The smell is so disturbing that the torbak's hunt is interrupted and the igaras' flight become even more erratic. ..

Date: From February 2011 until August 2011

Description: The very roots of the Empire have been shaken and we fear for the worst. Emperor Dexton's condition has confined him to the bedchamber with hardly any energy or strength. Meanwhile, under authorization of Queen Lea Lenardi, the Queens Court will be accepting petitions for the future bride of the esteemed Prince Stevano. .. Read more...

Date: Sunday, 9 January, 20:00 GMT

Description: Unfortunately, the disturbance between two tribes has left Ba'Tylos Eoffer's mercantile business in a bit of a shambles. He fears that it will all be for nothing if the situation between the rival tribes is not sorted out quickly. He will ask for help of the homins in Fairhaven upon his return. .. Read more...

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