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This is a part of Ryzom Team Activity 2021 Report

2021 Events

211201-Thumb-Advent Calendar.jpgAtysmas 2021.png 211226-Thumb-Atysmas Storytelling.png
Date: From 2021/12/18 to 2022/01/05.

Description: Atysmas is here with its magic atmosphere and events! .. [Read more]...

Circle's Assembly 2021-11-25.png
Date: November 25th, 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Circles' assembly is taking place in Zora. .. [Read more]...

Akenak Assembly nov 2021.png
Date: November 10th, 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Patriots and ambassadors of nations/factions within the Empire are invited to the akenak meeting to be held on 4am - Quarta, Winderly 22, 1st AC 2616 at the Pyr Agora. .. [Read more]...

Contes Anlor Winn 2021.png
Date: November 7th, 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Come and scare Anlor Winn itself with your creations or just listen and encourage the storytellers. .. [Read more]...

Anlor Winn 2021.png
Date: October 29th to November 8th, 2021.

Description: Scary Stories : 11/07 .. [Read more]...

Bandeau tournois d'atys oct21.png
Date: Saturday, October 30th; 19:00:00 UTC

Description: Challenge 2 vs 2 .. [Read more]...

Alarm! .png
Date: Thursday, October 28th, 19:00:00 UTC

Description: Engineer Bill MacBill presents his options for installing the alarm. .. [Read more]...

Chamber of the Nobles.png
Date: Sunday, October 24th 19:00:00 UTC

Description: Matis Nobles, Matis Vassals and Ambassadors for the first part, and then only Nobles and Matis Vassals for the second part. .. [Read more]...

Date: Saturday October 21st 2021 19h UTC

Description: Icaphotis Dylidus, Strategos of Pyr, will need the help of all the homins who, by chance, will be around Pyr (All). /Scorchers need the help of homins to seize a document in Pyr (Marauders). .. [Read more]...

Tracing the trail of his brethren in blood.png
Date: Sunday, October 17th 19:00:00 UTC

Description: Alerted by Kyan Deulus, the Patriots and friends of the Empire set out to find Pephoan Kridix, the last member of the lost expedition[1]. Will they be able to retrace the tracks the young student followed to retrieve his kidnapped friends? .. [Read more]...

Phaedrea's tears anniversary scaled.png
Date: Silan, Hill of Chiang the Strong. Saturday, October 16th, 18:00 UTC

Description: Phaedrea’s Tears is reaching its 17th anniversary and invites its friends, and all Atysians, to be part of this event. .. [Read more]...

Turquoise seed.png
Date: 2021/10/10

Description: The new Turquoise Seed has finally arrived. Melga Folgore is gathering Rangers and Aspirant Rangers to present it. ( ) .. [Read more]...

210919-thumb-Black Market.png
Date: Sunday, September 19th 2021, 18:00 UTC, 20 CET

Description: The so-called Schwarzmarkt was originally created as an opportunity to trade from homin to homin without paying a fee to the official merchants... .. [Read more]...

Frigoo Event.png
Date: Monday, September 13th 2021 19:00:00 UTC

Description: Jen-Laï has been attacked by frippos. The Theocracy calls the homins for help to find the reason and possibly the ones responsible. .. [Read more]...

Taliari Assembly 20210911 .png
Date: Saturday, September 11th 19:00:00 UTC

Description: The national Tryker assembly gathers at Fairhaven. .. [Read more]...

210821-thumb-Fairhaven Market.jpg
Date: Saturday, August 21th 2021; 19:00:00 UTC and Saturday May 29th 2021, 19:00:00 UTC

Description: The «Marché des Petits» collective organizes it's market on Fairhaven beach. .. [Read more]...

210813-thumb-Lore Night.png
Date: Friday, August 13th 2021 at 19:00:00 UTC

Description: The comes to give geographic and astronomic notions and to answer questions. .. [Read more]...
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Rendors are back.jpg

Date: August 1st to 31st
Description: *All month long:

    • Mektoub race (start and finish in Yrkanis)
    • Marathon between Zora and Pyr
    • Swimming trial (start and finish in Fairhaven)
    • Triathlon (riding, swimming, running) near Windermeer (Windermeer Farm's outpost)
  • On 4h - Dua, Thermis 14, 4th AC 2609(**):
    PvP Tournament (Player event)
  • On 4h - Holeth, Mystia 24, 4th AC 2609(***):
    .. [Read more]...

Tryker Embassy.png
Date: Sunday, July 4th 19:00:00 UTC

Description: A federal delegation sent by governor Ailan Mac'Kean wishes to meet Melga Folgore and the rangers representatives on Nivia 15, 1st AC 2614. .. [Read more]...

Date: Thursday, July 1st 19:00:00 UTC

Description: Talumetimètos Azazor and the CEK invite all homins to participate in an exploration of the Almati Wood Kitin's Lair. This exploration will be especially important for young homins to learn the dangers of this place. .. [Read more]...
210620-thumb-Nurturing Cord.jpg
Tunnel vers Silan.jpg

Date: Sunday, June 20th 19:00:00 UTC

Description: There are problems with the funding of the Rangers organization by the Nations, starting with material aid to the camp in Grove of Confusion. Melga Folgore gathers the Rangers to discuss the problem and put the nurturing cord back in place. .. [Read more]...

Date: Wednesday, June 30th 19:00:00 UTC

Description: The Chamber of the Nobles gathers in the Royal Palace. .. [Read more]...

210615-thumb-One piece of information.jpg
Date: Tuesday, June 15th 2021 19:00:00 UTC

Description: The Marauders have seen the results of the recent research but are convinced that not everything has been revealed. Chei Pui-Yan sends them to find the information behind the scenes. .. [Read more]...
210604-thumb-Sweeties for Gibbais.jpg
Sweeties for the Gibbaïs (Storyline).png

Date: Friday, June 4th 19:00:00 UTC 2021, 19:00:00 UTC

Description: Haido Xuan is still trying to find a way to harvest the sap of the Majestic Salinas without killing the Gibbaïs. As suggested, she decides to take advice from the Gibads tribe. .. [Read more]...

Date: Saturday May 29th 2021, 19:00:00 UTC

Description: .. [Read more]...
Tenth anniversary little market.jpg

Date: Monday, May 24th 2021; 19:00:00 UTC and Saturday May 29th 2021, 19:00:00 UTC

Description: The Marché des Petits Collective celebrates its 10th anniversary on Fairhaven beach. .. [Read more]...
(Zoraï) La sève est sacrée (23-05-2021) Sentinelle.jpg

Date: May 23th, 2021; Kami altar in Fleeting Garden.

Description: The Sacred Sap tribe has been robbed. The Sage Sap comes to help them and assures them of the constant support of the Theocracy in their sacred mission. .. [Read more]...
210513-thumb-The Secret of Nexus Gibbais.jpg

Date: Thursday, May 13th 2021 19:00:00 UTC

Description: The sap of the Majestic Salina collected by the gibbaïs of the Nexus is being analyzed. As the FISHES society is involved, some disasters are expected… that will need to be repaired! .. [Read more]...
Thumb-A red banner.jpg
A red Banner event.jpg

Date: Sunday, May 9th 19:00:00 UTC

Description: To please Akilia, the First Deserters have attacked the Border Guards and stolen military equipment. The Karan requires the Nobles to resolve this problem and get back the stolen equipment. .. [Read more]...
210509-thumb-In memoriam of Teenemai.jpg
Teeneemai by Giselher small .png

Date: Sunday, May 09th 2021, 15h UTC.

Description: In memoriam Teeneemai : Phaedreas Tears and Tyneetryks Tears Guilds are organizing a trek in memoriam of their departed member, Teeneemai. .. [Read more]...
210502-thumb-The secret of Nexus.jpg

Date: Sunday, May 2nd 2021; 19:00:00 UTC

Description: The tenfolded strength of the Nexus gibbaii never ceases to intrigue scientists. Haido Xuan needs help to observe, as closely as possible, an even more unusual group. .. [Read more]...

210425-thumb-The Lost Expedition.jpg
Date: Sunday, April 25th 2021; 19:00:00 UTC (Tria, Winderly 27, 2nd AC 2613)

Description: Members of the Water Breakers tribe have disappeared. Boesus Xalon asks for the Patriots' help to find them. .. [Read more]...

float float
Date: April 24th, 2021 - 19:00 UTC

Description: Atys TOURNAMENT (2nd edition) - 1v1 & 2v2 - Matis Arena .. [Read more]...

Orphie's Funerals.jpg
Date: Sunday, April 18th 2021; 19:00:00 UTC

Description: Funerals of Orphie Dradius, former Leader of Rangers. .. [Read more]...

210415-thumb-Black pawns move into position.jpgMarauder banner at The Masters of the Goo.jpg
Date: Thursday, April 15th 2021; 19:00:00 UTC

Description: Akilia sends Chei Pui-Yan and the Marauders to convince two tribes to pledge allegiance to the Marauders. .. [Read more]...

Lore Night 20210406.png
Date: April 6th, 2021

Description: The comes to talk about the Great Swarmings and the Path of Exodus and to answer questions (Second Swarming, Second Exodus, Kitins of the Depths). .. [Read more]...

Date: Saturday, April 3rd 2021; 19:00:00 UTC

Description: .. [Read more]...

Refugees' Days 2613.png Date: From Wednesday, March 26th 2021; 20:00:00 UTC (dans 2 jours) to Thursday, March 15th 15:00:00 UTC

Description: Refugees' Days are here with their traditional hunts. .. [Read more]...

210321-thumb-First Test Bai Trykali.jpeg
Date: Sunday, March 21th 2021; 21:00:00 UTC

Description: Ailan Mac'Kean décides the creation of a federal defensive army to defend Fairhaven against Marauders' assaults. .. [Read more]...

210321-thumb-Convocation of the Clans by Akilia.png
Date: Sunday, March 21th 2021; 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Akilia Ash Storm orders Marauders clans to gather at the Marauder Camp so as to carry out a general inspection of the troops, take cognizance of the battle plan, and engage at once in a first fight. .. [Read more]...

Date: Saturday, March 20th; 20:00:00 UTC

Description: The Marché des Petits Collective organizes its annual market on the beach of Fairhaven. .. [Read more]...

210315-thumb-For Sorrow's sake.jpg
Date: Saturday, March13th; 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Sage Sorrow has sensed the time of the Puo-Kean is coming. Tao-Sian would need a few flowers to try to relieve the torments of Supplice. .. [Read more]...

Date: Saturday, 6th March 2021; 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Memorial Service for Azad, Guild Leader of the Fluffy Bunnies at the Secret Kami Oasis. .. [Read more]...

Date: Thursday, March 4th 2021; 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Taliari’s Assembly of 6h - Dua, Folially 8, 3rd AC 2612 .. [Read more]...

210228-thumb-A small thing.png
Date: Sunday, 28th February 2021; 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Homins concerned: Patriots and friends of the Empire.
Synopsis: Xinna Cekaps will need the help of the Patriots for a small thing.
Meeting place: Dyron Stables. .. [Read more]...

210227-thumb-Hide & Seek.jpg
Date: Saturday, 27th February 18:00:00 UTC

Description: Elke and her friends invite all the players to a visual hide & seek. Meeting place: Chiang the Strong's hill. .. [Read more]...

Date: Friday, 19th February 2021 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Meeting place: Yrkanis, in front of the Royal Palace.
Homins concerned: Matis Nobles, Matis Vassals and Ambassadors for the first part, and then only Nobles and Matis Vassals for the second part.
Synopsis: The Chamber of the Nobles gathers in the Royal Palace. .. [Read more]...

21021-thumb-Ultimate Quest.jpg
Date: Thursday, 11th February 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Orphie Dradius, the lead of the Rangers has disappeared on a mission. Apocamus Dradius organizes a rescue expedition. (Forums » OFFICIAL NEWS) .. [Read more]...

210131-thumb-Shadows in the Dark.png
Date: Sunday, 31st January 20:00:00 UTC

Description: Nexus Kami camp is crowded with crates and jars full of raw materials and necklaces. A first convoy will leave for the Desert. Daeronn Cegrips came to an agreement with the Nations' leaders to have some warriors protect it from the fauna... .. [Read more]...

210206-thumb-Das Treffen der Barden!.jpg
Date: February 6th (Holeth, Fallenor 30, 1st AC 2612.)

Description: First Meeting of the Bards, at Ba'Naer Liffan's Bar at the entrance to Fairhaven. (Lylanea Vicciona) .. [Read more]...

Thumb-Black Circle's Stocks.jpg
Date: January 21th

Description: Meet Len Fai-Cu at the Min-Cho stables on 20h - Quinteth, Mystia 11, 4th AC 2611(*).
The Black Circle must realize that certain doings are not tolerable. .. [Read more]...

Date: January 3rd

Description: The so-called Schwarzmarkt was originally created as an opportunity to trade from homin to homin without paying a fee to the official merchants... More on forum: EVENTS... .. [Read more]...

Date: January 2nd

Description: We invite all homins to the ninth edition of the “Fairhaven Market for Little ones”.
This market is primarily for young refugees who have recently arrived from Silan and need to up-grade their gear. .. [Read more]...

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  1. previous event: [Fyros] The lost expedition (2021/04/25)

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