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fr:Orphie Dradius/Les funérailles d'Orphie
ru:Orphie Dradius/Похороны Орфи
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Notes: (Dorothée, 2021-11-12)

Organization of Orphie's Funerals [1]

Some gloomy-looking rangers were posting notices in all the popular places:

     Rangers, friends of the Rangers,

    We have to accompany Orphie for the last time.
    Meet us at 10h, on Prima, Fallenor 7, 1st AC 2613 [2] at the Ranger Circle, in Almati Wood.
    In accordance with the Fyros rite, a funeral pyre will be set up and we will scatter her ashes.
    You will all be encouraged to say a few words, if you wish.

Melga Folgore and Apocamus Dradius


Apocamus Dradius welcomes the arrivals: Nilstilar Thorec, Eolinius, Azazor Eridlo Merihus, Craftjenn, Do'Ro Thee, Moyaku, Rizyinshi, Daniellea

Apocamus Dradius: “Good evening to all!”

Wixarika and Sof greet Apocamus.

Krill cheerfully waves her bottle to greet Apocamus Dradius: “doy”
Apocamus Dradius has wet eyes, and turns sternly to the homins: “What the hell were you doing? It's over there! Don't dawdle!”
Texon: “Good evening, Apo!”
Azazor: “oren pyr”
Lylanea nods to Apocamus.
Apocamus Dradius points to the assembly and says, laconically: “Over there...”
Krill gets up without hurrying: “Oy, oy... Let's go...”; Wixarika looks but sees nothing
Krill looks behind her shoulder, if Apocamus follows.
Apocamus Dradius grumbles: “There always has to be one lost...”
He discreetly wipes away a tear and almost shouts, “It's over there!”

Eleanide, Zo'Ro Argh, Elke, Moniq arrive and then the entire Silan contingent...

Melga Folgore waves to Apocamus Dradius.
Apocamus Dradius says: “I think everyone has arrived.”
Apocamus shouts: “Please pay attention: we can start!”
Then he says, more calmly: “Please, all of you come closer to the circle...
You are a bit far away...
You can sit on either side.”

Krill doesn't intend to be too close when it burns...

Melga Folgore says: “Dear Apocamus, I leave the floor to you...”, then bows to Apocamus Dradius.


Apocamus Dradius walks towards the stake, his face expressionless.

    “Melga Folgore asked me to speak on behalf of the Ranger cadre, but the first image that came to mind was that empty seat on my tenth birthday and my resentment of those Rangers who were distracting my grandmother from her own and absorbing her entirely.
    I almost said no and then I thought about it. I remembered that it was her very involvement that made her so alive and that I am here with you today.

    She was very young when she took over from Svaldi Bucci, but her dedication to the Ranger cause was already evident. An only child, her parents both in the Fyros contingent of the PMA's intended armed force, she had been bathed in the Ranger spirit since birth.

    She had no illusions about what had led to her being chosen. Her appointment came from the top brass's desire to keep a low profile in these troubled times and continue to exist as an organization, but that didn't stop her from giving it her all. She was always committed to the precepts, but the ones she held most dear were service and diligence.

    She found it difficult to resign herself to growing old, even though her fatigue was becoming more and more evident. Yet diligence always came back into her mouth when I asked her to rest, and it was still in the name of that diligence that she went off alone into the Kitin's Lair.”

    Apocamus pauses for a few minutes then dries his eyes with the back of his sleeve: “Please excuse me. Emotion!”
    He resumes in a clearer voice: “Orphie, you were an example to us all.”
    “We will find the cause of your death and keep the homins out of this danger, for that is our duty to protect.
    Your body is dead but your spirit will live on forever among us.”

    Apocamus bows deeply to the pyre, then returns to his seat.

Melga Folgore is grateful to Apocamus.


Speech by the Ambassador de the Empire :

Oren pyr malos.

    It is on behalf of the Fyros people, whom I represent here tonight, that I express to all rangers our most sincere condolences.

Orphie Dradius was a Fyros by sap, but above all she was a homin who knew how to see, behind our differences in sap, culture and political ideals, everything that unites us.

She knew, more than anyone else, that a single homin goes less far than a group that is united.

Yes, we are still a long way from that, and the memory of the time spent in the early roots after the first swarm, the time when we joined forces to survive, is fading in our memories.

But Orphie Dradius has never stopped trying to bring us together.

And sometimes she succeeded, as in the signing of the TENANT treaty, where Mabreka, Dexton, Yrkanis and Denen Toen recognised that all homins, regardless of their race or religious beliefs, are free individuals.

Orphie Dradius, that fyrette of character, never deviated from this path, because she knew that unity is necessary to fight against one of the greatest dangers: the kitins!

She proved what dedication to a cause meant by giving her life!
She was a brave among the brave, a gey-zas, and this the Fyros will not forget.

Fellow Rangers, tonight, in keeping with fyros tradition, we honour her memory by burning her body.

Every Fyros, in the course of his life, struggles against the smoke that lifts him.

Egotism, spiritual elevation, vanity, all those false qualities that go against our destiny: to descend, ever deeper.

Fyros, we must fight the smoke. If we burn our braves when they die, it is so that they return to the sawdust immediately, so that the dead Fyros guide the brave into the bowels of Atys to fight the dragon.

So when you see the pyre burning Orphie's body, do not look at the smoke rising to the sky, but keep your eyes on the charred body, which will return to ash and go down into the earth to join the warriors for the ultimate battle, the one against fyrak.

This day is not sad, for it is the beginning of a new battle for Orphie. So let us celebrate it as it should be.

Neya fyren orèch, neya Fyros gladùch.
Orum gesun, fyrak a oren depyr.

As long as the Sacred Fire binds us, we Fyros fight.
The Desert we travel to slay the Dragon some day.

  Tribute speech performed by the akenak Azazor Eridlo Mirihus at the cremation ceremony of Orphie Dradius on Prima, Fallenor 7th, 1st AC 2613 [1].

Speech by the Ambassador de the Kingdom of Matia :

Nilstilar throws a bouquet on the shroud

    I come here, Rangers, to convey to you the condolences of His Majesty Stevano, prevented from coming by urgent business.
    He assures you through my words to share your grief, please know that.

    But I would also like to offer you my own condolences, and those of Serae Zendae. For if the SKA did not know Orphie Dradius intimately, it will not forget what it owes him... What all homins owe him. His curiosity has advanced our knowledge of the kitins and their assets.

 I won't add anything else...
     ... for I fear I will make a complaint.

Nilstilar looks down at the shroud and whispers:
    Goodbye, Orphie. may Jena keep you.

  Nilstilar Thorec

Speech by the Ambassador de the New Trykoth Federation:

Eolinius clears his throat a bit

My fellow Rangers,
    My speech will be short... and as simple as Orphie, according to those closest to her, was in life...
    As a representative of the Federation of New Trykoth...
    I join with all the Trykers in the grief of the Rangers at this moment to pay tribute to the memory of Orphie Dradius.
    I did not know Orphie personally, but her reputation was immense...
    She was always the beacon to which the Rangers looked to move forward.
    As is customary among Trykers in such circumstances...

Eolinius pulls out a bottle of Byrh and sighs as he looks at Krill
Krill opens wide innocent eyes and raises his own bottle.

     In memory of Orphie Dradius ...

Eolinius throws a few drops of Byrh in the air with his cup



The Rangers

CercleDuBoisDAlmati.png Ranger Do'Ro Thée :

“I met Orphie Dradius shortly after the great barkquake of the Nexus, in 2609. It was after Erin Mac'Cartlann had discovered an old map in her archives that led us to the Tunnel of Woe.

    She came to the Ranger meeting after the expedition, and I was impressed by this homin who, despite her age, retained a particularly energetic yet benevolent appearance.

    I could hardly exchange a few words with her, but they were enough to make me understand how she had been able to participate in the foundation and develop, with her companions of course, a community as important as that of the Rangers.”
(Dorothée now turns towards Orphie)
    “I wish I had known you better, Orphie, but more than ever, I will follow the precepts you fought so hard for.
    In the memory of Oflovak Rydon; Woren Siloy Ranger!”

    I would like now to bring you the words that Kiwa’Lie, our leader, my ‘Mom’, would have liked to say to you herself.
She is unfortunately retained by a particularly arduous quest that requires her full attention and our support.”

(She takes a deep breath)
    “Let me quote her”:

     Orphie was my mentor, she was the person I admired most on the bark, she looked after the hominity, she was my reference, my guide.
     It is, thanks to her, because of her that I, I mean that Djiper, Zo'ro Argh, and I became Rangers in our turn, when we went back from the second exodus, by founding a totally Ranger, hominist and pacifist guild. And we gave it the name of this circle that sadly brings us together today.
     Yes, Orphie gave me a taste for the Ranger faction, thanks to her we had signed the TENANT peace treaty in Fairhaven before the second swarm. I was very proud to be her emissary and to give her the treaty that Mabreka, Dexton, Yrkanis, and Denen Toen signed on behalf of all the nations. Thanks to her the peoples of Atys were at peace, even if only for a short time.
     Her departure breaks my heart.
     Rest in peace Orphie !


Dorothy throws a shooki flavored cookie and a termite on the pyre

    “Your ultimate quest will not be in vain, I'ts a Ranger promise!
     We will find out what creature took you away from us and I have no doubt that, beyond the differences that divide them, homins will once again come together for this.”

(Dorothée bows to Orphies' remains):
     "This is the greatest tribute we can pay to you. "

Funeral ceremony of Orphie Dradius, Fallenor 7, 1st AC 2613[3]

  Dorothée, Ranger [4]

In Vino Veritas guild icon.png Ranger Elke :

Honoured Orphie,

You have been a beacon to look up to, and I will miss you.
The newbie I am among the rangers, we only met a few times, and that even only briefly.
Yet I learnt a lot from you.We had our difference in the how-to, but the aim is important:
In you I marvel at your compassion,
'your compassion to the homins,
and your dedication to science,
also to serve all homins.

Atys has lost in loosing you.
These, your values will always be with me on all my paths -
and may they continue to find much appreciation on Atys.
May the gods have merci on your soul, and may we always remember you with joy.

Farewell, great ranger,

Yours, Elke

  Elke, Ranger [1]

The Friends

Good Bye Orphie

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