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PR prologue.jpg

For as long as I can remember, the prime roots have fascinated me...

Many have warned me against their dangers, but I, I only saw their beauty.

Hmm... no... I exaggerate... In my earliest memory of the roots, I'm floating above my own body, which has fallen into the sawdust, in one of those pits from which you cannot escape by the sides... Not far from there, Kaaon, Maximus and Soazic struggle against a few kirostas... well... at that time I couldn't even recognize a kirosta... but the vision I recall─ a vision with numerous legs, thin and frantic─comes close.

*smiles* I will always be grateful to them for this Prime Roots baptism, on the way to the land of my sap-brothers.

A few years after that first trip, after many adventures on the bark, and with sufficient reputation in the eyes of the Kami, I could take a grand tour to visit the Kami altars throughout the subterranean regions. Accompanied by the affable Liverion and Master Xylog, I received a demonstration on stealth. Observing, knowing when to wait. Awareness, how to find a passage. Judgement, which direction to run. Today I possess this knowledge... although...

It takes time for the eye to adjust, to separate the detail, to distinguish the radiance of the plumash from that of the topha, or to take the time to appreciate the pinky gradient from the petal of the Rotoa at the glow of the torch. Even when one becomes accustomed to the sights of these landscapes, observation still needs to be perfected. This is what I learned from Vrana.


But the Prime Roots consist of more than just flora and fauna. Homins have lived there since ancient times, and some still do to this day. In the midst of the ruins, bandits or tribes inhabit areas dotted with remarkable remnants of past civilizations whose origin is as mysterious as their appearance.

Oh, these are not new discoveries! The areas were identified and the objects studied in detail by some people or organization long ago. An indication of this is that the ruins are fenced by the same type of cord, held in place by sturdy stakes. Of course the fences are in terrible condition; they must be very old.

No, what I did was to explore every nook and cranny of these entire dark regions. The lack of patrols since our return from exile was a godsend, because I was able to detail and observe a long time ─ the Cutozerx and Varinvorax also ─ and from my observations I was able to draw some conclusions which I recorded in my notebook.

I also knew a little Tryker who would be delighted to read them!


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