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Welcome to Halloween 2009!

We invite you all to celebrate Halloween with us on 31 October and 1 November! We've got many events and surprises in store for you.

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Event Calendar

Date Activity
October 30th
At 23:00 GMT festivities kick off.
October 31st
Treasure hunting throughout the day.
At 18:00 GMT the events and animation team will be hosting the live events such as Mini-mek racing and lore knowledge tests.
At 20:00 GMT a look back on past events will take place.
November 1st
At 20:00 GMT a large alternate history roleplay event will take place.
Festivities conclude at the stroke of midnight GMT + 1.
Other time zones: PDT = GMT - 6hrs, CDT = GMT - 5hrs, EDT = GMT - 4hrs, CET = GMT + 1hr, AEDT = GMT + 11hrs


It is yet unknown whether there will be special event items available.


Mini-mek racing

  • Starts: 18:00 GMT
  • Requirements: A mektoub mount

There will be a track in each of the four lands:

Continent Starting Location
Burning Desert Thesos
Verdant Heights Wooden arcs Northwest of the Arena
Aeden Aqueous Fairhaven
Witherings To be announced

Scavenger Hunts

Teh scavenger hunt runs from 23:00 GMT 30th October to 23:00 GMT 31st October. For this all the mobs on Atys has been removed and pump'kins were scattered all across the bark and roots.

Lore knowledge tests

More to be announced soon

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