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Welcome to Halloween 2009!

We invite you all to celebrate Halloween with us on 31 October and 1 November! We've got many events and surprises in store for you.

— Official website

Event Calendar

Date Activity
October 30th
At 23:00 GMT festivities kick off.
October 31st
Pump'kin hunting throughout the day.
At 18:00 GMT the events and animation team started hosting the live events such as Mini-mek racing and Trick or True.
November 1st
At 20:00 GMT a large alternate history roleplay event will take place.
Festivities conclude at the stroke of midnight GMT + 1.
Other time zones: PDT = GMT - 6hrs, CDT = GMT - 5hrs, EDT = GMT - 4hrs, CET = GMT + 1hr, AEDT = GMT + 11hrs


Two new special items were awarded to the winners of the scavenger hunts. Other reward items included Candy Canes, Yubo Plushies, Surprises and Fireworks.


No special titles were awarded in the course of the weekend.

Mini Events

Mini-mek racing

  • Requirements: A mektoub mount

There was a track in each of the four lands:

Starting Time Continent Starting Location
18:00 GMT Verdant Heights Wooden arcs Northwest of the Arena
18:30 GMT Aeden Aqueous Fairhaven
20:00 GMT Witherings East of Still Waters
21:30 GMT Burning Desert Thesos

The scoreboard the for the mini-mek races can be seen here.

Scavenger Hunts

The scavenger hunting ran from 23:00 GMT 30th October to 23:00 GMT 31st October. For this all the mobs on Atys had been removed and pump'kins were scattered all across the bark and roots.

Trick or True

This was a universal quiz held during intervals between Mini-mek races. Altogether three were held, there were no rewards but answering the question incorrectly saw you either randomly teleported to any location, barring Silan, or worse, dead. Quizzes were held at these times:

  1. 19:00 GMT
  2. 21:00 GMT
  3. 22:00 GMT

Find my body

More information to come soon

Save the Ghost Town

A ghost town was added for the duration of this event, at 14:00 GMT it was attacked in three waves. Players were to assemble in the town and repel the infestation. The first wave was a pack of Lethal Chonari, the second wave were a group of Destroyer Torbak, the final and third wave consisted of a massive amount of Death Yubos.

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