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The main deity of Atys, worshiped mainly by Matis and Trykers, Jena is considered by her followers to be the Progenitor of Atys, the Goddess of the Sun and the Mother of the Hominy. She is often associated with the mythical figure of Elias Tryton and the Karavan.


Ma-Duk is a pure energy entity devoid of a body. He spawned the Kamis who were placed on Atys to watch over the planet and defend it from anyone who would threaten to break its balance. The kamists of the Revelation[1] believe that he is the true and only creator of Atys.


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The cult of Ma-Duk is maintained and propagated by the Kamis and was codified in the Book of Revelations. As in any cult, there are fundamentalist or moderate currents, and schisms such as Jenaïst Kamism that can become heresies condemned over time for a longer or shorter period as evidenced by the history of the city Jen-Laï.



The following of the Karavan serve the interests of Jena by abiding by her commandments taught by the members of the Karavan, mysterious hominoids with faces always fully covered by a helmet. The latter, using technology and materials unknown to all, travel the planet aboard gigantic vehicles to propagate and enforce their laws.

The antitheists

The antitheists are opposed either to beliefs and to their domination.

  • The Marauders are enemies of religions and generally consider that homins who have made a choice must assume it.
  • Hominists generally follow the current of Elias Tryton, the trytonists but will not hesitate to take up arms if necessary.

The gnosts

The gnosts are not undecided. In general they put forward several philosophies as:

  • the spirit of peaceful cohabitation, like the Rangers, or synergy between homins (everyone is free to believe whatever he wants).
  • the concept of indistinguishable and non-monopolizable truth (no one holds the truth).

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The Fyrakists

Some homins, often fyros, worship the Great Dragon, who is supposed to wake up one day to destroy Atys. The various currents honoring the Great Dragon are poorly known; the Great Dragon Sect did a lot of talking about her at one time because of her homin sacrifices.

  1. The current Jenaist kamist, on the other hand, conceives that Jena would be the creator of Atys. Consult the shizu Wa Kwai about this.

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