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de:Sie ist die Richtige
en:She's the one
fr:C'est la bonne
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JA 2621

I wish you a good and happy life with your half

Lydix Deps was sure, this was the one. He could spend the rest of his life with it. And it wasn't even a good vatful of shookie, but well and truly a homina. Granted, he'd had his heart pounding before, more than fifteen times to be honest, but this was different. He was even willing to give up time and shookie for to offer her a sumptuous gift. But this damned hawker had not yet delivered the amber he had ordered. And soon his beloved would come and he would have nothing to offer her, just a good ritual bite! He had to find someone to help him. Maybe tonight (*), there would be some patriots of confidence in the bar who would agree to give him a hand. In return for a round of drinks, of course, he was not an ingrate.

Pyr bar

(hubbub of conversations, greetings and jokes)

Ulymorus says: would you like a glass of Wixarika liquor?
Lylanea takes her cup from the counter and toasts with Ulymorus.
Lorlyn takes a Byrh out of her bag and shouts: Lordooooooy!
Lylanea makes a sign to Lorlyn.
Ulymorus hides from Lorlyn
Grundelwolf crie : who farted? ! !!
Baboc still growls: Go sit down and clear the counter if you are served

Lyren takes a bottle out of his pocket: well, do you know it? essence of ocyx, it seems that Eeri drank that
Lylanea makes a sign to Nilstilar.
Lorlyn takes out a Byrh from his bag and shouts to Nilstilar : Lordooooooy !
Lylanea says: Hello Vortex! Be good and put down your weapons, okay? You too, Ashueila.
Lylanea smiles
Ashuleila says: no ^^
Craftjenn pinches Ashu's butt (from Kiwa)
Ashuleila says: LOL Craft ^^ thanks :)
Nilstilar low to Lylanea: Serae Bard... You are not in charge of the city police in Pyr. Or are you?

Pephoan Kridix makes a sign to Lydix Deps.
Pephoan Kridix dit : Oren pyr patriotes !

Eolinius enters the sweaty, smoky atmosphere
Shalla says: I haven't seen this many Worlds since? .... bah never
Ashuleila says: I don't know who is paying for the tour, but it will cost him a lot ^^
Ashuleila says: Even the guards desert their post to come and drink ^^ Come on, fyros ^^
Naveruss says: fortunately the bar is well ventilated!

Pephoan Kridix, Fyros Imperial Guard

Lydix Deps looks worried, and says

I'm worried mostly!
Although yes, I am glad to see the bar full!

Pephoan Kridix finally finds a free table and sits down. Several homins ask him why, he answers
Because the delivery I am waiting for is late!

Lydix Deps says: Can you keep a secret?
Vortexwolf says: Yes
Lorlyn crie : Un secret ? Oh yes!
Shalla shouts : "lalalala llalala lallalaa"
Naveruss says: neeeeey, I'm sure a crowd can keep a secret!
Lydix Deps looks at the filled room.
Lydix Deps says: I finally found my heart's desire!
Lylanea smiles
Ulymorus bursts out laughing
Shalya says: Congratulations Lydix!
Nilstilar says: And did she choose you?
Ulymorus shouts: you Lydix in love ????
Lydix Deps dit : She is... wonderful, extraordinary... And this time I know she's the one!
Shalla laughs
Lylanea dit : this time ... ?
Wixarika says: Let's hope it's mutual!
Feinigan tries to imagine the shalah who will fall in love with the old Lydix and struggles a bit
Lydix Deps says: Dey (yes), she elected me!
Shalya raises her glass for the 2 lovebirds.
Vortexwolf says: a happy barman is a good barman
Ulymorus drank too much shooki and is confused
Lyren says: And so, who is the happy homin, is she here?
Shalya says: And where is the chosen one?
Lylanea raises her cup: to Lydix.
Lydix Deps says: If you had seen her look...
Lydix Deps says: On the other hand...
Lydix Deps says: The delivery is not coming!

Her name is Ioros Mekops, she is a pyromancer and she is wonderful!
And this is the main part of my gift for her that is overdue!

Feinigan laughs: a pyromancer? There are some who like to play with fire!
Ulymorus thinks discreetly pyromantic, who has fire in her butt...

I prepare a surprise for her: a beautiful amber necklace! I ordered a beautiful amber from Barkers to make a necklace.
Shalya says: A present for her, that's sweet of you Lydix.
Wixarika says: What a lucky homina!
Naveruss says: Well, for sure some bandits have intercepted it...

Lydix Deps says: Besides, if I may say so...
Ulymorus crie : noooo not the Barkers. Ulymorus is worried
Lydix Deps dit : since you are here... Maybe you could help me by going to see the Barkers? I'm worried about my amber! And can you also help me by collecting other ambers, Zun, and some Shalah skin ?

Lyren says: shalah's skin is not a good idea...
Shalla surprised: sorry? who wants my skin?

Lyren says: don't worry, Kyriann will be there to protect you...
Wixarika says: Skin of shalah? what for?
Kyriann says: Who is talking about me?
Aprak hands another glass to Lydix Deps.
Kyriann raises his head from his byrh.
Shalla starts to worry
Feinigan says: Well, it's funny that we talk about zun... j'ai justement un petit stock à écouler ! On the other hand the price of my ambers is as high as their beauty
Wixarika says: I inform you Lydix that among us there are members of an association against the hunting of shalahs!
Shalla makes the face
Lydix Deps says: I would like to give her a very special necklace, made of ambers held together by braided shalah hair, all set against a leather plate.
Pephoan Kridix nods: Ney, I've seen some very nice necklaces made like this. We have very good craftsmen in the Water Trainers to make it.
Lyren says: Well, we can cut them without damaging the beast, the shalah hair...

Naveruss says: I was going to suggest killing a shalah and keeping the meat instead....
Lyren says: ho ho...
Feinigan laughs: I can't wait to see the technique for shaving the shalah-la!
Lylanea imagines a shaved shalah and giggles softly
Lydix Deps says: 20 skins (Q250) and 100 Zun ambers (choice Q250).
Lylanea says: (( But it's a big chain!! ^^))

Lorlyn shouts: 100 ambers?!
Feinigan says: (choice? cheap love :P )
Wixarika to Ulymorus: love sometimes doesn't give you a choice on where the chosen homin or homine comes from
Shalla says: And what do you give us for that?
Pephoan Kridix says: Ney. These ambers are small. Let's put it all on the necklace.
Kyriann wonders how the pyromancer will be able to wear it.
Lydix Deps dit : Ney, 100 ! I don't want to displease the one of my heart !!!
Shalya says: I don't have the skills but I will help as best I can so that you can give your gift to the one you love!
Shalla says: ...or a harem?
Feinigan says : You want to see her dressed only in amber, admit it...

Lydix Deps says: If you help me get the big amber I ordered from the Barkers, and get the Zun and the skins, I'll give you all a free round!
Lorlyn mumbles: free rides don't really help business... But I never say no to help!

Barkers camp

Lawless camp

Thesos bar

Back in Pyr bar


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