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de:Jahreszeiten oder Saison/Chronik en:The seasons of Season/Chronicle es:Temporadas de Estación/Crónica fr:Les saisons de Saison/Chronique ru:Сезоны Сезона/Хроника
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Notes: (Dorothée, 2022-04-14)

Small amber cube[1] of poor craftsmanship found in the Temple of Knowledge and having probably belonged to a prospector of the Nexus. It seems he has recorded there day by day information about his occupation.

I don't exactly know anymore what day we are. Probably the 13 thermis CA2 2608. For several days, I remained confined in my tent, near the abandoned camp, anguished by the wait for the next tremor.
And then, one day, nothing more! Just as suddenly as the barkquake had started, calm came back. I went out to see… The sight that the Nexus offers is now terrifying but as tormented as it is, the landscape remains majestic and the colors lighting the dawn still as soft as ever.

16 Frutor CA2 2608
I feel like I'm losing my sanity in this landscape that I no longer recognize. I can no longer find the location of sources that I have been extracting from for years. The vegetation is disturbing because of its strangeness in these places. The animals are nervous and aggressive. Fortunately, the Company of the Eternal Tree carries on its patrols. They have rescued me more than once. The Kamis have not completely abandoned us.

30 Fallenor CA2 2608
Kami-lor! I think I found it! That's the terrain specialized stanza. Hochi kami no! The sources of the Nexus are no longer under the influence of the Forest! I managed to extract materials using a Desert specialized stanza and all of them were of supreme quality!

1 Pluvia CA2 2608
I sang victory too soon. The Desert stanza didn't work today, though I searched a large area in the southern part of the Nexus.

3 Pluvia CA2 2608
I decided to test all terrain specialized stanzas... and I found Lakes' supreme materials! Alas, drilling quickly exhausts their sources, and they are useful especially for handcrafts. I must have to find something to feed us.

5 Thermis CA2 2609
It will soon be a year since the barkquake occurred. I'm just starting to find my footing again but my technique is well established and I'm moving fast.
I use only a terrain specialized stanza when looking for food. This has allowed me to identify the areas of influence of the different terrains, areas that I am gradually delineating. These materials, unlike those intended for craft, are permanently present, but their areas are the same. The drawing of these areas takes shape but the work will still be long and I have to move further and further away from my campsite.

28 Pluvia CA4 2609
Some homins, ne-kwai mainly, came to the camp. They told me that they had been sent by Ma'Kwai to find "all the seasons of Season" (that is, the place at the crossroads of all the terrains). The Head of the Company of the Eternal Tree had advised them to come and question me for this purpose. I believe, indeed, that my technique of detection of the areas is right because I succeeded in locating a spot of this type, a mound surrounded by berries, dandelions, pearls and mosses, each of these plants coming from a different terrain. If they correctly followed the directions I gave them, they must have found it. In any case, they didn't come back to ask me more questions.

1er Winderly CA1 2610
First day of spring… I went to meditate at the top of the hill that I had indicated them and where, they told me the other day, a Kami spoke to them this winter. Peace invaded me. I think the Sage will be fine there…

  Amber cube compiled by Pyphollo Zeps in his book “Treasures of the Nexus”.

Steles of Sage Season and Busang, Hammer Hills , Nexus minor

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