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Personal Amber
Le sage Saison, en hiver
Tseu-ito (Sage)
Race Zoraï
Gender Male
Nation Théocratie zoraï
Organization Sages Council
Worship Ma'Duk Cult
Faction Kami
Birth 2472
Death 2594
Historical Character


Un cube d’ambre oublié qui ressurgit du passé lorsque personne ne l’attend. Voilà comment Fen Han Go , surnommé Supplice aurait pu annoncer le retour d’un autre Sage à Zora. C’est lors d’une réunion des Cercles Zoraï, que ce nouveau venu se nomma lui-même Saison, proposant son aide pour lutter contre tous les ennemis du Pays Malade, et rappela le rôle que les Kamis avaient donné à son peuple. Bien davantage tourné vers la Tradition que Supplice, il sut se faire écouter par certains, mais aussi s’attirer la méfiance des autres.

Main character features

    Season derives his connection to the planet from his knowledge (he has learned to sense Atys). If Sorrow is in a way Sage in spite of himself, Season is Sage by will. But both of them have a considerably powerful sap [ more charged with sap than the common Zoraïs ].
    Saison acts with calm, strength and measure.
    His ambition, concerning the Zoraïs, is to make them rise within Ma-Duk, and Saison thinks that it is a return to the values of the Zoraïs and by ceasing the opening to untrustworthy people.
    Season wishes to engage in a more violent and firm fight against the enemies of Atys, including the Goo and those who manipulate it, the Karavan and their minions, and the Kitins.

Other information

   Season's frequent absences are due to his role as spiritual guide to the Zorai tribe of the Abyss of Ichor: the Dry Sands where he noticed the young Luoi Dua-La who became his disciple. His death, which occurred during the "passage of the seasons" event, is a way to highlight the latter so that she can succeed him.

   Season's personality and appearance change with the seasons, more extroverted and dynamic in summer than in winter.


« I am similar to her. I am like Atys. »

« Indefinitely
     The passage of the seasons
          The leaves fall »



Birth of who will later become Saison.


Saison, having joined the Zoraï in the New Lands, does not participate in the construction of the Amber Cities and disappears a few months after the arrival through the Rainbows.


    After years of wandering, a Kami spoke to Season one day, allowing him one question to guide him to Ma-Duk. The Zorai, after a moment's reflection, asked, "What knowledge must I acquire to ascend to Ma-Duk?" and, after a day of waiting, during which the Kami seemed lost in the contemplation of a batao, the Kami whispered, “The batao is shedding its flowers. Tomorrow Atys will huddle in winter”. The Kami continued his contemplation for another day and disappeared. Season stayed in front of the tree for a whole year, trying to understand the Kami's message.

    One revolution of Atys later, he had understood the advice of the Kami, the answer to his question, the meaning of which is as follows:
    The tree knows the rhythm of Atys, it takes on the appearance of the seasons at the right moment: the tree knows the rhythm of Atys, it takes on the appearance of the seasons at the right moment; its knowledge of Ma-Duk is greater than that of the homin, because it knows how to tune in to Atys, how to be like her. The Zoraï understood that by listening to Atys, by following her appearance, he would understand her and would know how to walk in harmony with her, and thus rise up to her, to Ma-Duk; knowledge is not the fact of knowing things, but of feeling them, as the tree feels the coming seasons, is aware of changes in Atys; the Zoraï has pushed his mimicry very far, up to the point of knowing how to modify his whole body, his character, his resistances, according to the seasons).


Season, announced as a Sage by the Kamis, appears to help Mabreka take the throne in place of Fung-tun. He then meets the young Sorrow. For some unknown reason, Season does not stay with the Zoraï Cities and disappears again.


During the last cycle of 2539, the Sage Season appears to the Zoraïs of the Witherings. Sent by Ma'Duk to restore the Zoraï to their former strength and luster, he enters the gates of Zora for the first time since 2506 to urge the Mask People to fight the Goo, the Karavan's followers, and the Kitins.

History of his appearances


Quarta, Germinally 16, 4e CA 2545[1] : Setting up the Zoraï Theocracy : Act 1


Tria, Frutor 15, 1er CA 2546 [2] : Setting up the Zoraï Theocracy : Act 2


Tria, Harvestor 9, 2nd AC 2588 [3] : Préparation du Laï-le Ban[4] Of the antikami kaze

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