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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Craftjenn, 2024-05-21)

Official announce

Ranger - Evil influence (2024-05-12)

Creator of the event: Event-Team.
Type of event: Inquiry and hunt.
Appropriate levels: For all.

Date of the event: Sunday, 12 May 2024 21:00:00 CEST.
Expected duration: About 2 hour(s).
Meeting place: Chiang the Strong's hill.

Homins concerned: Rangers, Ranger Aspirants and their friends.
Synopsis: Chiang The Strong will need the help of all the Rangers and their friends who happen to be on Silan at this point.


Craftjenn's report

Chiang is concerned about the disappearance of a tryker called Ridden, who was asking a lot of questions. Chiang sent us to ask the trainers some questions, then to come back to him to share our information.

We know that he was very interested in Goo, that he was strong enough to leave Silan, that he wore Chiang's armour. We're also going to interview Reitzak, who is the leader of the Chlorogoos tribe (north of Silan). Some people want to raze the camp to the ground and/or torture her, but I remain polite, and offer Reitzak several byrh, to soften her morals :) Reitzak tells us that Ridden is no longer there, and tells us about their camp in the Prime Roots.

The next part is reserved for seasoned homins (and those with the TP from the Grove of Umbra), as we went to the Lands of Umbra to see if he was in the Chlorogoos tribe. When we got to the camp, they attacked us, so we killed all the guards and went to talk to Be'Keeer Kealey, their leader. And yes, he was a member of the tribe - many of us wanted to leave him there, not wanting to take him by force. He was convinced that the Rangers were lying ("Goo is not dangerous", "Chiang kills homins") and had thrown away Chiang's armour. Be'Keeer Kealey was talking tough to him - but what got Ridden thinking was telling him about Anibikini, his friend, looking for him.

Finally, Chiang offered to live in his tower and asked for his help, which Ridden accepted.

Present (in order of arrival) : Margote, Reitzakpde, Pavor, Ridden, Eolinius, Chenli, Balus, Terces, Tarbu, Monje, Zergiess, Zulo, Floh, Plenton, Arbeth, Zorroargh, Craftjenn, Elke, Gaykiwi, Gayiwi, Mharus, Sharixx, Anibikini, Marisia, Ynel, Vanixia, Kyreann, Tapioca, Lorlyn, Agnie, Syphox, Seestern, Lyren, Jorgensen, Valaux, Shilan, Vortexselly, Kiriselly, Nisroch, Kyrean