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Outpost machines

Header Kami OPs Karavan OPs Marauder OPs
Machine Tree-Bore Big Trepan Aklareen
Master Tree-Bore Crafter Big Trepan Crafter Aklareen'h craftsman
Maître Artisan des arbres vrilles Artisan des grands trépans Artisan des Aklareen'h
Products are Purified Modified Refined
Item suffix -Duk -Jen (?)
Example Example Example

Outpost Materials

Description Icon Usage Effect Outposts
Armillo Lichen

Tools Fx Psykopla Knoll Trading Post, Sai-Shun Stronghold, Wooky Workshop, Graveyard Gate Research Centre, Woodburn Magic Pole
Cheng Root

Amps Fx Fearing Fen Farm, Zo-Kian Ruins Workshop
Egiros Pollen

Picks Fx Malmont Farm, Whirling Strongold
Greslin Filament

Picks Fx Greenvale Trade Post, West Blackburn Border Post, Fount Porch Trade Post, Berello Gorge Border Post, Lost Valley Stronghold
Maga Creeper

Amps Fx Qai-Du Workshop, Finder's Farm, Demon's Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost, Southend Dune Farm, Loria Stronghold
Rubbarn Gum

Tools Fx Great Outback Workshop, Ginti Workshop
Tekorn Bramble

Weapon Fx Blackburn Trade Post, Windway Workshop, Hightowers Farm, Gu-Qin Workshop, Westgrove Stronghold
Vedice Sap

Weapon Fx Twintops Workshop, Woodburn Stronghold

Crafted items

To craft a tool, a tool tool has to be bought at the tool merchant. All tools but the picks require only OP materials.

Boosted Tools
Pick Armor tool Jewell tool Weapon tool Range weapon tool Ammo tool Tool tool
Boosted Melee Weapons
Amps 2h sword 2h axe 2h mace 2h spear
dagger sword mace staff spear
Boosted Range Weapons
pistol bowpistol Rifle Bowgun launcher Autolauncher