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Halloween 2010

The Halloween Event of 2010 lasted from 22:00 GMT on Friday October 29th until the early hours of Monday November 1st. There were some additions that lasted throughout the weekend and some mini-events at scheduled times.

The entire event was considered OOC and thus didn't actually happen in the history of Atys.

Official Announcement


Are you scared of the Boogieman? Have you ever been scared out of your mind watchng "A Nightmare on Elm Street"? Have you ever had nightmares when you were little, waking up shaking and covered in sweat?


Well, you aint seen nothing yet!

To celebrate Halloween this year, Ryzom invites you on 30 and 31 October, to tremble with fear while suffering the wrath of the Souleaters, who are out to ruin your life. Find them and kill them before they do the same to you.

On 31 October, at 19:00 GMT, three special King bosses will lead the scourge of legend that makes your nightmares real.

Whill you be strong enough to stand up and fight them untill victorious?

NB : These events are out of character and have no influence on daily roleplay of Ryzom

  Official Website[1]

Scenery Changes

Some changes were made to the scenery to give the world a more fitting look for Halloween:

  • All stables got a new model with a giant burning pumpkin on top.
  • Yubos were given a skeletal look and Bodocs were given a zombie look.
    • Bubbles was renamed Yubones, prompting this to become a nickname for all skeletal Yubos.
  • The moons of Atys were changed into a scary pumpkin face and a scary skull, respectively.
  • Fog, mist and purple smoke appeared all over every city.
  • Candy Canes were changed into Jack-o'-lanterns on sticks.

Also, in each capital city there appeared near the main gate a chest, that gave the apartment item Wheel of Light to every player who opened it .


The Yrkanis stables, home to Yubones. Showing off the Halloween Candy Cane in front of the Zora stables. Skeletal Yubos! Zombie Bodocs! Fog in Yrkanis.


The new moon. The other new moon.


For each race, there was one special Halloween tattoo for sale at the Tattoo Vendor. This tattoo was different for each race and replaced one of the regular tattoos for the duration of the weekend. The male and female tattoos were identical for each race except for the Zoraï.


Fyros Halloween tattoo. Matis Halloween tattoo. Tryker Halloween tattoo. Zoraï Male Halloween tattoo. Zoraï Female Halloween tattoo.

Maze of Terror

The abandoned kitin nest of Withered Stock in Grove of Umbra was transformed into the Maze of Terror. During the entire weekend, players could enter the maze of terror to search for the 4 apartment items hidden within. The set-up of the Maze of Terror was as follows:

  • Several billboards at the entrance warned players to turn back.
  • The first area was a bamboo maze that players had to find their way through. Hidden in the bamboo maze was a decaying billboard that gave players the Sandstorm.
  • Next was a field full of Sickly Yubos. Players had to find the one Sickly Yubo in the whole herd that gave a Tiny Jack-o'-lantern.
  • The tunnel up to the higher levels of the maze was full of Discs of Doom, which were immobile but would smack players walking past.
  • The first floor contained a forest of Trees of Sorrow, and players had to find the one single Tree that gave a Goo Vapor.
  • The top floor contained a whole batch of Pustulant Eggs, and once again only one of them would give players an apartment item, this time a Carcass.
  • Finally, the Maze of Terror was inhabited by invisible Ghasts, which would follow players and attack them. They did not do much damage, but could not be attacked or killed and would pursue players relentlessly until they left the maze.


The Maze of Terror. The bamboo maze. Field of Sickly Yubos. Tunnel full of Discs of Doom.

Trees of Sorrow on the first floor. Pustulant Eggs on the top floor. The maze is inhabited by invisible Ghasts.

CSR Trick or Treat

During the entire weekend, CSRs and Event Team staff would frequently (but always unannounced) appear near the stables of the capital cities, and players could Trick or Treat them if they found them. A player Trick-or-Treating a CSR would either get a Treat and receive some goodies, or get a Trick in which case their name would be (temporarily) changed or they would be teleported elsewhere (sometimes to the middle of a kitin nest).

Players could Trick or Treat CSRs and Event Team staff whenever they found them during the weekend, including at mini-events where they were scheduled to show up. At certain times they would also do temporary name-changes on request. The temporary names would always disappear upon logging out.

The Soul Eaters

From the moment the event started, NPCs in cities started dropping dead, and Souleaters would appear in region chat commenting on how they were stealing their souls. By about 18:00 GMT on Saturday, there wasn't an NPC alive in any of the cities anymore.


Souleater victims in Fairhaven. More victims in Fairhaven. Souleater victims in Yrkanis.

The camp of the Souleaters was then finally found in Nexus, prompting a mass of homins to travel there and attempt to free the captured souls. There were 2 Souleaters found there. One of them demanded scary stories in return for the captured souls. The other demanded to be bested in combat, becoming stronger every time it was beaten.


The Souleaters' Camp. The Souleaters' Camp. The Souleaters' Camp. The Souleaters' Camp.

The Souleaters' Camp. The Souleaters' Camp. The Souleaters' Camp. The Souleaters' Camp.

The Souleaters' Camp. The Souleaters' Camp. The Souleaters' Camp.

4 homins each told a scary story to the first Souleater, and the populations of 2 towns were released for each scary story. The second Souleater was engaged by a small army of homins and defeated over a dozen times, and in return released the souls of the remaining towns and all the capital cities. Once that was done, the Souleaters disappeared, leaving their camp abandoned.


This Souleater wants scary stories. So scary stories he gets. This Souleater wants to be bested in combat. But does not go down easily. It often took a lot of magic to bring the Souleater down.

Find my body

At some time on Saturday October 30th, players were tasked with finding the body of CSR Sengosha who had lost her head. Clues about her surroundings were slowly revealed in universe chat, and the first 5 players to find her received a prize. She ultimately turned out to be in Upper Bog.

Fashion Show

At 22:00 GMT on Saturday October 30th, a fashion show was held in the Agora of Pyr, where homins could show off their Halloween costumes to be judged and the person with the best costume would win a prize.

The CSRs decided on their top 3, and there was a separate prize for the costume the audience chose as their favourite. A dozen homins showed off their costumes and the final CSR top 3 was:

  1. Inifuss as a pirate.
  2. Hijati as an Oasis Digger(?)
  3. Azad as a zombie (though the CSRs decided he was a caveman).

The audience choice for winner was Azad.


Before the fashion show. After the fashion show.


Shortly after the fashion show, each capital city was attacked by an Exterminator Kitin. Even the city guards did not have enough firepower to bring down these gigantic kitin. Some unaware homins were killed at the stables of every city, and some small groups unsuccessfully tried to put up a fight, before word spread wide enough that all available homins quickly banded together into a large army that took the 4 Exterminators down one by one.


The Matis Exterminator just outside Yrkanis. The Fyros Exterminator inside Pyr. The Fyros Exterminator inside Pyr.

Tale of the Dark House

On 17:00 GMT on Sunday October 31th, Atys-renowned bard Drakfot told the crowd at the Fairhaven stables the Tale of the Dark House, a scary story about a haunted house at Sandy Workshop that appeared only once a year on Halloween. Her full story can be found here.[2]

Afterwards, she and some listeners decided to travel to Sandy Workshop and to their surprise did find a mysterious ruined house that had never been there before. Inside the house they found a locker containing a Small Jack-o'-lantern. They then decided to leave quickly so that they wouldn't have to spend the night there.


Homins find the mysterious ruined house. Homins searching the ruins.

Legend of a King

The last part of the event took place on 19:00 GMT on Sunday October 31th, at Destiny's End in Nexus. Homins were told to expect an invasion force led by a former homin who had been turned into the King of the Yubos and now sought revenge. Several teams gathered in preparation. They were beset by waves of Sprightly Yubos, Grunting Frippos and Voracious Yelks. Though they withstood the first waves, once the creatures started coming together the homins were defeated.


First wave: Yubos. Second wave: Frippos. Third wave: Yelks. The Yelks have taken the hill!

Fighting down the hill. Taking the hill back... sort of... And fighting down the hill again. Really taking the hill back.

Twice they had to retreat from the hill and retake it, before finally the leaders of the invasion came out. The Yubo King was joined in his attack by the Frippo King and the Yelk King. Each leader called in aid from waves of Yubos, Frippos and Yelks while fighting the homins, but by now the homins had learned from their mistakes and won each battle with little difficulty.


Fighting Frippator, the Frippo King. Frippator calls Yelks to it's aid.

Fighting Yelkator, the Yelk King. Yelkator and Frippator fighting together. Yelkator calls Yubos to it's aid.

Fighting Yubator, the Yubo King. Yubator calls Yubos to it's aid. Yubator calls Frippos to it's aid. Yubator calls Yelks to it's aid.

After being defeated, each King left a treasure behind that contained a new apartment item for everyone there. A Large Jack-o'-lantern from the Frippo King, a Small Jack-o'-lantern from the Yubo King, and a Noxious Gas cloud from the Yelk King.


After the battle, homins claim their treasure. Yelkator's treasure.

Apartments Items

Though other goodies were given out as well, the main prizes to be won during the Halloween Event were new items to put in your apartment, as the RyzHome system to put stuff in your apartment had only just been introduced two weeks earlier in Patch 1.10.0. Apartment items won in the event included:

  • Wheel of Light
  • Tiny Jack-o'-lantern
  • Small Jack-o'-lantern
  • Large Jack-o'-lantern
  • Carcass
  • Goo Vapor
  • Noxious Gas
  • Sandstorm

Normally you could only acquire one of each, but in some cases a player participating in multiple mini-events could win 2 of some of these items.

Screenshots (taken in a Matis apartment)

Noxious Gas around a Wheel of Light. Two Small Jack-o'-lanterns in a Goo Vapor. A Tiny Jack-o'-lantern and a Large Jack-o'-lantern. A Carcass in a Sandstorm.

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