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de:Empfohlener Artikel/Glossar/Month/06
en:Featured article/Glossary/Month/06
es:Pagina destacada/Glosario/Mes/06
fr:Lumière sur/Glossaire/Mois/06
ru:Избранная статья/Глоссарий/Месяц/06
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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2022-05-25)

Mats (MP in French) means raw material. It can be drilling elements, cut up (lootted during a hunt) or OP mats (which arrive in the GH, when it has a Outpost).

Since Patch 00837 (December 2020) stars show if it's basic (no star), fine (1 star), choice (2 stars), excellent (3) or Supreme (4).

Compare fine and Sup's Stats

More on Crafting#Materials, Harvesting#Higher_Grade_Mats.

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