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fr:Conseils pour jeunes réfugiés/FAQ inventaire
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3 Inventory windows side by side
To open the inventory: keyboard shortcut I (to User Manual). SHIFT+P to open the Animal window.

See also Inventory Indicators, which details elements and stacks (or slots), volume and weight of the various inventories.

Important: This window I can have several tabs, which appear/disappear depending on the occasion (places where you are, such as outside or inside an apartment/guild), and can also be put side by side for easy storage.
The content of these inventory windows can be read-only (e.g. if you are too far from your mektoub the objects appear in transparency, or a simple member who can't take something from his guild hall: it's normal).
To see clearly, a tip is to use one of its 4 desktops, to have all its inventories open (each in a separate window - you change desktops via the function keys F1, F2, F3 and/or F4; holding down these same keys is also very useful to configure your screen/desktop.

Here are the types of inventories (all storage locations) :

  • your mektoubs (1 for free account, 4 maxi for the others), can be replaced by a Gubani, to be won at the Wheel of fortune.
  • zigs (3 maxi in addition to the toubs, to be won at the Wheel of fortune, has some specific advantages). For the sub : same capacity as a toub in volume (decorative for free accounts).
  • For the sub only: from your apartment if you are in your apartment (not for free accounts, if on Silan). Tip: if you had opened this tab (strangely enough, this tab named ROOM is renamed Apartment in its separate window) separately in another desktop, then it remains available outside, but as long as you don't close it (and only in read mode: you can't put or take anything in it). I also find it quite strange that when you've been invited to someone's home, this ROOM tab reappears (you see in read-only mode the content of your own home, not the content of this friend's apartment).
  • If you are in a guild, the inventory of your guild appears only in 2 places, and above all, to take things there you must be a subscriber and have the right rank (otherwise, you can only put things there, but nothing to take... even what you would have put there by mistake). The acronym GH is the usual shortcut for Guild Hall.
    • You have to be in the GH and be a Senior Officer or Leader (ranks of Guild) to take things from the GH, members and Officers can only put things in the GH (just like "free accounts").
    • Moreover, and if the guild has an OP (see Outposts and their products, [[Outposts/OP War|OP War (OOC)]), you can access the whole guild inventory from this place (always with I, guild tab), as if you were in the GH.
    • the guild islands do not offer any storage (for the moment anyway).
Mount Packer Zig Food





Each object has a volume and a weight. To consult these data, in I make a right click on an object then Properties.

Mekoubs and zigs can be small or large, their capacity is the same. For your information, we can store :

  • 600 mats (drilled or looted) in a mektoub (the only one available for a free account)
  • 1000 mats in a packer.

To Do: translate from French Inventory Indicators


All of them have 8 filters at the bottom of the window - the first thing to check if you think you've lost something (a simple right click in the wrong place can hide so many things)!

8 filters icons: ? for the search/filter, hand for armors, sword for weapons... tp)

For example, a right click on the mushroom (mats) shows only the mats (armors, weapons ... tp will be hidden). A left click on the sword adds the weapons: we will then have that weapons and mats - these 2 icons are pressed, the others are disabled: left click on all the others to be sure that everything is displayed.

The last filter icon switches to icon mode or detailed list mode.


Let's add at last:

  • Out of game, using a browser, you can easily access your inventories via webapps (large choice, see a selection below, and for guilds see the Guild apps), but read-only: you can see and search what's there, but not move an object from one inventory to another.
  • The ability to use merchants as temporary storage
    • 8 days IRL max (and if no player buys your stuff - it happens, even when selling at 99999%).
    • Only way on Silan to store stuff.
    • On the other hand, arrived on the continent, remember that merchants always work in the same country (e.g. if you're in the desert, you don't have access to your sales depots in the Lakes), and that only merchants in the capitals (Yrkanis, Pyr, FairHaven and Zora) sell things > q200.
  • Caution, do not confuse:
    • Locking an item prevents it from being sold (and traded to another player), not moved from one inventory to another.
    • An object that appears in your inventory as a transparency can be transparent for several reasons:
      1. toub/gubani/zig too far (uses the compass and/or map to find it)
      2. you don't have enough characteristics to carry this object (B, P or F) - when I end up with a free account (subscription end), that's usually how I find out LOL
      3. Zig
        zig in your bag: take it out to have access to its inventory
      4. you are in your Apartment or GH: the zig can follow you there, but not the Gubani and the mektoubs.

Stow, organize

  • To move your stuff (from one inventory to another), you have to be IG (in game), and quite close (19m) to your mektoubs, or be in your apartment or in your GH (or near your OP)
  • a right click on an inventory tab opens this inventory in a separate window. Which is very useful to tidy up:
    • drag a stack from one to the other, and a window opens to choose the quantity moved
    • SHIFT+drag a stack from one to the other: the whole stack is moved (the "quantity choice" window no longer appears)
This last trick also works when swapping with another homin (or for a mission with an NPC): you can SHIFT+drag a complete stack, e.g. from your bag to the swapping window.
Group deplace.png
groups of objects: get dressed (armor, jewelry, weapons/pick) and type in the chat /createGroup chosenname Once the group is created, you can quickly dress or move the whole group with a simple right click (under menu Groups / group name / equip or move). More Special_command#Outfit_Commands.
  • You don't have access to the inventory of a zig that is in your bag (you have to take it out of your bag)
  • You can't "move" your apartment: you have to empty it, abandon it and buy another one.
  • we can sell at 99999% to the merchants (we will have one week IRL max to buy them back) but only new items (and mp). More at Market.

See also (User's Manual) the part Inventory and especially the 2 great IG novelties :

Search function or quality filter

Inventory search, added in 2017
From Patch 3.2.1 of 2017, on the forum Enhanced via Patch 3.5.0 (Feb. 2019)
and later
  • with strings (e.g. choice, sup or dagger, ante... or Zora in the TP)
  • with quality intervals - here are some examples: 180-210 shows only objects between q180 and q210; -150 shows objects between q1 and q150, 200- for all objects between 200 and max...


Zig or Zigubani
In addition to the 4 mektoubs/Gubani, you can win on the Wheel of fortune up to 3 Zigs (maximum), with choice and excellent tokens (won at events).

Great advantages of zigs:

  • they follow you in your apart (contrary to mektoubs and packers) and in your friends' homes.
  • even full, once it is put in its bag, its contents no longer count :)
  • following and in the bag: they TP with you
  • they do not consume hay
  • Once in your bag, to take it out: SHIFT+P (Animals window) right click on the Zig to choose Get out of the bag.

On the other hand, be careful: if you quit game with your zig in the bag, when you relog, it will be out of the bag (and maybe killable). In general, that's how you lose them...

  • It can also be put in a stable.
  • We can give, and/or exchange zigs. The zig keeps the name of its first owner. We can rename them if we have enough Elyps.
  • Free accounts can have a zig, but they can't put things in it (the zig remains decorative).

More on Patch 2019.




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