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Here are the different groups of the project:

  • Admin/SysOp: management of that website and help for users. (In French only for now. Translation is welcome.)
  • ARK: integration of the missions created by the Level Design group.
  • Communication & Marketing : management of the communication and of the internal coordination.
  • Development: creation of programms, providing the Ryzom and NEL tools from RyzomCore for the various platforms, integration of the creations in a set exportable to the Ryzom server.
  • Ideas Project: management of the ideas posted on Ryzom Forge Wiki and on the "Ideas" forum.
  • Computer graphics: Full implementation (from modeling to animation) of integrated and supported by Nel/Client assets.
  • Level-Design: design of the environment, scenarios and missions that will be added in game.
  • Tests: tests.
  • Support: information about support for the different OS: Linux, Mac, Windows.
  • Translation : translations of the wiki, documents and ingame new contents.
  • Tutoriels: writing of the documentation needed to reproduce the processes.
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