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Teams [1]

Here are the different groups of the project:

  • Tutorials: writing of the documentation needed to reproduce the processes.
  • Ideas Project: management of the ideas posted on Ryzom Forge Wiki and on the "Ideas" forum.

Projects [2]

  • [CONTENT - A] Storyline
  • [EVENT-A] RP & OOC events
  • [MARKETING-A] Promotion
  • [MARKETING-B] Comm with our players
  • [MARKETING-D] Website
  • [MARKETING-E] Ryzom Wiki
  • [DEV-A] Big exploits
  • [DEV-B] Bugs
  • [DEV-C] Collections
  • [DEV-D] DeepL
  • [DEV-E] Dynamic events, Missions & Rewards
  • [DEV-F] Marauder gameplay & map/city
  • [DEV-G] OP refactoring
  • [DEV-H] Range weapons
  • [DEV-I] Pocket Worlds Creator
Projects Hierarchy
[CONTENT - A] Storyline
Comm-Marketing Events Development
RP & OOC events
Big exploits
Dynamic events, Missions & Rewards
Comm with our players
Ryzom Wiki
Marauder gameplay & map/city
OP refactoring
Range weapons
Pocket Worlds Creator
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