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Minutes of the June the 2nd 2024 meeting

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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Nilstilar, 2024-06-04)

10 h - Holeth, Pluvia 30, 4th AC 2628

Azazor: and cal i selak eloan!
Zorroargh is moved but tries to show it not. Kyriann waves to Nilstilar.
Ostium: Given what is said about him, the snow won't last long.
Nilstilar bows respectfully. Zorroargh waves to Nilstilar. Zorroargh is grateful to Nilstilar. Ostium waves to Nilstilar.
Kyriann smiles: Lordoy Nair Ambassador!
Ostium: Lordoy Nair-Nilstilar.
Nilstilar: Deles silam, Seraei é Seri.
Zorroargh: Woren siloy, Nair.
Azazor raises an eyebrow at Nilstilar's arrival.
Zorroargh: Take your place by the fire.
Eloan moans inwardly at Nilstilar: Oh dear… you again.
Kyriann looks alternately at Nils and Eloan without understanding.
Nilstilar: Er… Have I displeased you in some way, Nair Eloan?
Nilstilar stares at Eloan, puzzled.
Zorroargh: Unless you feel cold, take a seat next to me, Nair Ambassador and Moderator of Researchers.
Azazor: Moderate searcher you mean?
Eloan: I'm older than I look, and to this day still the only wife of Ufo, the Legions' first warlord.
Kyriann: Nair Ambassador is a great friend of the Trykeri, Eloan.
Eloan: So… I grumble!
Nilstilar laughs: Er… Always witty, Sire Azazor! But I just can't disagree with you.
Azazor: The Truth always comes out of the mouths of the Fyros.
Ostium: I could read your report of the previous meeting, Nair Nilstilar. Thank you very much.
Eloan whispers to his neighbor Nilstilar: times change, I'm just always wary of Matis, forgive me! but I was grumbling discreetly!
Nilstilar: It was "minutes", only, Nair Ostium... and I apologize to you all for that.
Ostium: It was very complete, and quite sufficient.
Azazor: well… smugness[1] of the matis…
Azazor smiles with all his teeth at Nils. Kyriann throws a snowball at Azazor.
Zorroargh: But these minutes are useful. They make us known to other homins. They are also a guarantee of transparency.
Ostium can't suppress a smile as he hears the piques. Azazor dusts the snow nonchalantly.
Nilstilar: Definitely… it's going to be my treat tonight!
Azazor: Are we expecting other people?
Zorroargh to Nilstilar: Nonsense, Nair. This will prove that there's no better ambassador for the N'ASA.
Kyriann to Azazor: Haven't seen Elke for a few days so I don't think so.
Ostium: (do we announce the meeting in universe channel?)
Nilstilar: (I almost did… Why not?)
Zorroargh to Ostium: (Oh yes! You'll do it? I'd make lots of typos….)
Ostium: (Nilstilar will find the words. Or I will do it if he prefers :-))
Eloan: Forgive me if my Tyll and other languages are a bit rusty. I've been on a long retreat again and just came back a little while ago. And everything changes all the time….
Zorroargh: (I agree with you Ostium. :-))
Nilstilar: (Laye mai, I'll take care of it, Nairs.)
Eloan addressing Azazor: [...][2]
Ostium nods to Eloan: Okal. We'll be careful to speak in common language as often as possible then.
Zorroargh: We forgive you Eloan. Especially here at N'ASA where we speak all languages and dialects (IRL languages).
Eloan to Zorroargh: Oy as you like, but I'll have to be taught again!
Zorroargh : (Thanks Nilstilar.)
Ostium' : (Perfect, thank you.:-))
Ostium pulls out a byrh and takes a sip.
Zorroargh: So Nair Azazor, you wanted to propose some research plans?
Azazor: yes.
Ostium is listening.
Azazor: I worked on the kipees and the kinchers to see if they got areas of greater weakness.
Zorroargh : Go ahead, as so far no one has suggested any other themes.
Azazor: For this, I simply hit it in different places, like the body, the head, the front and back legs, to see if it changed anything. Verdict: whether with an axe or a pike, there's nothing to suggest that it makes any difference.
Zorroargh widens his eyes and wonders if his ears betray him like his hands and eyes.
Azazor: Same resistance no matter where you hit. in other words, the damage done is the same, whether it's front, back, body or head. by the way, even if it's not too relevant, targeting only works for the head. All other targeting is in fact random, so the corresponding targeting brick is useless.
Ostium: (A bug to report?)
Azazor: (not a bug, probably a development never pushed to completion.)
Azazor: On the other hand, I may have noticed something interesting.
Zorroargh: Ah, I thought you were talking about yourself. So when it comes to Kitins, I'm not too surprised.
Kyriann to Ostium: (I don't remember who told me that maybe it's a flaw in the game's early implementation and that the devs never had time to finish that part of the gameplay).
Zorroargh: Interesting? I'm listening.
Azazor: The kipee's head and front legs seem to be more easily accessible.
Ostium listens more closely.
Azazor: So do the kincher's back legs. Basically, when you hit without aiming, you hit these areas more often. In random shots, it seems to hit them more often, but I clearly don't have enough data to make a statistical statement. Out of 36 hits, I gave 12 of them to heads, 12 to front legs, 8 to back legs and 5 to bodies for the kipee.
Zorroargh: Aaahhh. The kincher's back legs…. Curious indeed.
Azazor: I've got a lot of hypothesis, you'll let me know what you think of them.
Zorroargh : We're listening.
Azazor: Perhaps for the kipee, it comes from the fact that it uses its head to attack. So it tends to present its head and front legs facing the enemy.
Ostium : That makes sense.
Azazor : Whereas for the kincher, it uses its front legs to attack but keeps them raised, which makes them more difficult to reach but makes its back legs more reachable.
Zorroargh nods in agreement.
Azazor: But more data would be needed to establish a relevant statistical statement. This is pure speculation. So much for that.
Zorroargh : Sure, but it's consistent.
Azazor: There are other things I'd like to talk to you about, but we can start with this.
Ostium nods: Grytt. That's a lot of information. To be confirmed then.
Nilstilar: We can only attack from the front? Never sideways? At least for the first shot?
Zorroargh : As for the resistance of the shell, I think there's no reason why it shouldn't be the same everywhere. These are insects, not flesh-and-blood animals.
Eloan, intrigued, observes the Fyros recalling words in Tyll….
Ostium waves to Nisroch. Nisroch bows respectfully. Zorroargh waves to Nisroch.
Ostium: Lordoy tryker. Come and sit with us.
Eloan bows to Nisroch. Nilstilar makes a courteous bow to Nisroch.
Azazor: The idea of the first shot, it would be worth testing indeed. Although… my kipees died on the first shot and I didn't necessarily hit them head-on. But there have also been tougher kipees who died only after several hits. You'd have to redo the stats with the same type of kipee.
Eloan: As for me, they never die and I run head-on without looking back… but that's not going to help you much.
Ostium: Where did you go for this? I saw some big kipees at the Scorched Corridor.
Azazor: Imperial Dunes, the kipees near Pyr mainly.
Zorroargh laughs on hearing Eloan.
Azazor: The kinchers, in Thesos.
Eloan': Using a bait (which won't be me), have you tried side swipes?
Kyriann: In fact, maybe you should need to take some really big ones and hit with a weapon that doesn't hurt too much.
Azazor: Once the kipee has you in its sights, it's complicated to hit from the side. It follows you.
Eloan: hence the bait... but not me!!!!
Azazor: Yes Kyriann, you should….
Ostium: Hum, I did it with kinchers in the Void. I went around them to attack from behind, while my teammates attacked them head-on.
Krill: ’doy ad toll.
Kyriann: We can put together a team for that.
Eloan: well we protect the front, the back *laughs* but less the sides... them too maybe.
Ostium waves to Krill. Nisroch waves to Krill.
Ostium: ’doy Krill.
Nilstilar makes a courteous bow to Krill.
Eloan: Kriiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllll !
Krill settles down beside her barrel. Kyriann kisses Krill on both cheeks. Krill sends a kiss to his girlfriend Kyriann.
Zorroargh: Have you ever asked for the cooperation of other great hunters? In our guild we have a Matis who is excellent in combat.
Krill sends a kiss to his girlfriend Eloan. Azazor waves to Krill.
Eloan: was feeling lonely talking nonsense. *laughs*
Nilstilar: Lordoy, An-Nair… and grytt!
Eloan urges Nisroch: Go for it, Nisroch! Does Krill want to dance?
Zorroargh waves to Krill.
Azazor: Personally, I don't feel like looking into this subject anymore, I'll leave it to others. I've been roughing it out, it's up to you to refine it.
Nilstilar to Krill: We were talking about Azazor's experiments on kitin vulnerabilities…. Do you have any idea about this, An-Nair?
Krill wonders who Azazor was roughing up. A Matis subject apparently, but which one?
Zorroargh: Thank you Azazor.
Krill looks up from her byrh: Uh... An. I'd rather avoid them than face them.
Nisroch: My fighting skills haven't got that far yet….
Ostium: We'll try to gather more information then.
Eloan to Krill: You want to be the bait?
Krill: It's not good for the byrh, taking a kitin on the backpack.
Nilstilar raises his eyes to the sky: Impossible to be serious :-(
Krill: But I'm very serious! I avoid kitins a lot!
Eloan: Well, you'd be excellent bait!
Krill: Only if kitins like byrh.
Zorroargh: In fact, many researchers are bad hunters.
Eloan laughs: ’sure….
Ostium': Um, speaking of bait, we should see if they're attracted by anything. Fruit or something.
Eloan: Well… they like me….
— Azazor to Ostium: “Do you think they're gibbais? No, they're interested in homins. Except for KoD….
Eloan to the Trykers present: Oh… ameen… the Tyll word, is that right?
Ostium to Azazor: That's right, they have nothing to do.
Ostium to Eloan: ameen does mean to love in Tyll.
Eloan: Grytt. That'll come back!
Zorroargh: Not just homins, I've seen them fight, to defend themselves certainly, against Bosses.
Eloan apologizes and remains silent.
Azazor: Yes, when they're attacked.
— Zorroargh: Absolutely.
Ostium: I think I've also seen kipestas attack armas.
Azazor: I guess they've got a history with us and see us as an attack on their environment.
Zorroargh : But the Boss who was being attacked didn't seem to me to have an aggressive nature… so let's dig deeper!
Azazor : What species, the Boss?
Zorroargh: I can't remember at the moment.
Azazor: And the kipestas with the armas, are you sure about that Ostium?
Kyrean bows deeply.
Ostium frowns, looking sideway: I'll check.
Zorroargh: As for the aggressiveness against homins, I agree. It was NASA's first subject of study.
Ostium nods to Kyrean. Nilstilar makes a courteous bow to Kyrean. Nisroch waves to Kyrean. Kyriann waves to Kyrean.
Ostium: Lordoy! Sit with us if you like.
Kyriann: Grytt Nair.
Azazor: There are some kinchers in the Corridor who beat up the timaris because they have the audacity to occupy the same seat as them.
Zorroargh gestures to Kyriann.
Ostium: They're territorial, oy.
Azazor: yep. like the KoDs….
Zorroargh waves to Kyriann.
Azazor: Speaking of KoDs….
Zorroargh: Yes?
Azazor : I was able to start measuring the vitality points of the kitins of depths during the last invasion in the Jungle. And I started a chart * is circulating the table * with figures on their vitality points according to their type. The chart is called "return" though.
Eloan: ohhh you name your works?
Kyriann circulates quickly, numbers make her head spin.
Azazor: Yeah, I like to give a name to things that matter. My axe is called Courtesy.
Ostium: Interesting too.
Azazor: For the atrocious (?) kipesta, the one I have the most data on, I've been able to establish that its vitality points are around 9650…
Nisroch reads and moves on to his neighbor.
Nilstilar: Hmm… I wouldn't be able to complete it. He must have asked you for a lot of work, Sire Azazor.
Azazor: … that's 4200 more than the largest specimens usually found in our lands. Excluding Kings and Named of course.— Zorroargh: Thank you Nair Ambassador.
Azazor: I invite you to help me complete this table by sending me your data on the subject (in practical terms, you can fill in the spreadsheet online).
Zorroargh returns the chart to Azazor.
Ostium: Kitins of the Depths have a greater constitution than their known surface counterparts, then?
Azazor: (just kill the kitin and count how much damage it took you to finish it off)
Azazor: Yes Ostium, for the kipesta anyway.
Nilstilar to Azazor: I guess… but I'm used to typing OR counting. The two together is something else. Well… I suppose science requires sacrifice.:-)
Azazor : it requires a certain amount of training.
Zorroargh : A quick question, to satisfy those whose specialty is running as fast as possible. Have the running skills of kitins been measured?
Ostium': Um, for those on the surface, we got this info in the SKA document, I believe.
Azazor: They're faster than you'd expect. But as to measure it….
Ostium waves to Lyren.
Ostium: Lordoy Lyren.
Lyren approaches, a little hesitantly: cal i s'lak, chief, sorry, I hadn't seen your note.
Nisroch waves to Lyren. Nilstilar makes a courteous bow to Lyren.
Azazor shouts: CAL I SELAK!!!!
Zorroargh: So we can consult the SKA and their authors to draw inspiration from their work.
Lyren: oren pyr!
Zorroargh waves to Lyren. Eloan bows to Lyren. Eloan observes the female newcomer, intrigued.
Azazor: (as a reminder: the FR doc on kitins of the depths compiled by the CEK >>> )
Lyren wonders what this mysterious gathering is all about, but is reassured by the few familiar faces.
Ostium' notes in a whisper: Take information on the constitution of surface and of the depths kitins, and check their walking and running speeds.
Ostium to Azazor: (Ah yes, we have the constitution of kitins of the depths in this document.)
Zorroargh: Any other research topics?
Azazor to Ostium: (their attacks, not their constitution.)
Lyren observes Krill and wonders if she's getting some z's under her tray hat.
Azazor: We have to continue the report of unusual KoD spots, i.e. those not listed on the CEK map.
Zorroargh: Don't forget, dear friends, that research isn't limited to Kitins. There's Goo, fauna, flora, raw materials and Hominity.
Ostium: Oy. When we realized it was always these points, we relaxed efforts a bit.
Kyriann: Have you launched any research into homin sciences such as the science of storytelling, also known as literature?
Zorroargh: Why not. You're welcome to pilot such a subject.
Nilstilar: And that of the Powers, of religions, in other words. Theology, that is!
Ostium lowers his head, thinking back to Lylanea: A former bard and member of the N'ASA who is no longer seen on Atys was versed in the arts.
Nilstilar sadly nods.
Zorroargh to Nilstilar: Holinity! Nair ambassador. Yes, isn't that one of the interesting themes not to be forgotten?
Ostium smiles: Should we list the tales told during the bards' evenings?
Azazor nods: It's always fascinating to go back to the origin of tales.
Zorroargh: And to see what they mean, in what context.
Lyren whispers: fairy tales, they dare all…
Ostium: Oy. They always betray at least something of their time.
Azazor whispers to Lyren: Yes, that's how you recognize them.[3]
Zorroargh: But here, we'd rather do a report like Azazor than a proper research lab.
Kyriann is for once a little at a loss for words: The problem is that I'm terribly short of time to conduct research. But I can help.
Zorroargh: Research is a work of patience. That's why it's inappropriate here.
Ostium: Who volunteers to compile and archive these tales?
Zorroargh: But we have izams flying day and night.
Kyriann smiles, seeing Nilstilar's fire as good as Azazor's.
Azazor: And do a comparative analysis, to see the evolution of the same tale through the ages, while we're at it.
Kyriann: Grytt Nair Ambassador!
Lyren repeats several times to herself: compiling comparative tales,
Kyriann is horrified: “But it's too much work!
Nilstilar: I'm not sure I've attended all the bards' evenings, but I remember giving some of them to the Great Library.
Ostium: And don't forget to put them in context.
Azazor: Don't you think it's getting colder?
Azazor analyzes the Nilstilar's fire.
Kyriann: An it's warm!
Zorroargh : Voilà. Et rien ne presse. Trouvez-vous des amis. Il y en a.:-)
Zorroargh: There. And there's no hurry. Find yourself some friends. There are some :-)
Nisroch to Azazor: It's snowing, have a beer and you'll feel better…
Nilstilar to Azazor: Yes. But we're only in Mystia.:-)
Azazor: Oh yes, that's it. The wood isn't well laid out, so it doesn't give off its full calorific potential. As for the oil used, it's probably cheap forest oil….
Azazor shrugs. Zorroargh helps himself to a Krill's byrh.
Nilstilar: “This is no longer critical thinking, it's paranoia!
Kyriann laughs outright.
Ostium: You mean he's only five-put?[4]
Kyriann: Bah lala Ny-Amn!
Ostium laughs.
Azazor: Worse, it's thrown in at random.
Nilstilar to Ostium: Nec, Nair: six logs only :-)
Azazor: But hey, at least it burns, that's something.
Ostium: Azazor, didn't you tell us about another subject of study?
Zorroargh drinks to better absorb the fire of language.
Azazor: No, not that I know of.
Zorroargh: So, can we stop here?
Azazor: (it was about KoD's spots, but I've got nothing to contribute.)
Ostium: Okal. So, a long time ago, we'd talked about luciography at height.
Zorroargh: Wow! I'm listening.
Nisroch: Lucio... what!?!
Nilstilar to Ostium: Aerial luciography, you mean?
Ostium: I've… adapted the concept a little for those who've seen me try to fly, but basically, we wanted to put a lucios device in the air.
Ostium: (luciography = photography ;-))
Nisroch: (thanks :-))
Eloan: (could we, by chance, not transcribe the murmurs in the minutes? :p lol :D))[5]
Nilstilar : (you mean the “tells”? If so, we'd have to collect them… we're not out of the woods yet!)
Lyren is intrigued: So, you send your luciograph up in the air and hope it succeeds?
Zorroargh: (It would even be indispensable for the memory of RP events. In the wiki, for example, it's enough to indicate that it's OOC info).
Nilstilar to Lyren: Nec, Colleague. You have to horse ride a flyner!
Lyren : WHAT ride?
Ostium to Lyren: Oy. I'd like to see what's beyond the cliffs.
Azazor: I'll leave you to it. Lucios aren't my thing. I'll read the report (I can't take it anymore ;-)).
Zorroargh is grateful to Azazor.
Eloan' : (good night you leaving.)
Kyriann : (Good night zazor!!)
Azazor strides off to the north of Almati.
Zorroargh : Lorandoy Azazor.
Lyren : ’ren fyraï chief.
Nilstilar à Lyren : Uh… "mek ride", I meaned.:-)
Nilstilar : Night, Akenak !
Lyren sighs and whispers to herself: he's becoming as bedridden as the emperor….
Eloan: Is it over?
Kyriann: So we put a homin with a luciograph suspended at the end of your thing we can't maneuver and hope the luciograph survives the landing. The homin is less serious. Is that the general idea?
Zorroargh: I also have to leave you. But I leave you in good hands. Thank you all and enjoy the rest of the researchers' meeting.
Nisroch: Uh...
Lyren to Kyriann: The homin is less serious?
— 'Eloan: I'll be off too.
Ostium : (Good night Azazor.)
Nilstilar: I once, and not just I, obtained a “flyner certificate”. So it must be playable.
Kyriann to Lyren: Bah, we fix the homin more easily.
Lyren nods: as long as it doesn't fall in the goo....
Kyriann: Lorandoy to the leaving ones.
Eloan approaches Lyren to whisper a few words…. Zorroargh heads for his tipee…. Lyren bows to Zorroargh.
Ostium: Lorandoy to the leaving ones.
Kyriann to Nilstilar: Eny Nair ambassador you never know where you'll land.
Ostium: But we put a flyner attached to a rope with a lucios device and send it into the air.
Kyriann: Ah, then: without any homin.
Nisroch: I'm not volunteering to go up there!
Ostium: (I found the luciographic device >>> )
Kyriann to Nisroch: You know he jumped from one of Avendale's towers during his wedding, so….
Ostium' chuckles: Oy. I got a few scratches for that, but it was worth it!
Kyriann: He's capable of anything.
Kyriann: Eny the flyners are different. We start from the bottom.
Nilstilar: Nice (well… so to speak) Nair Ostium!
Ostium smiles: The N'ASA allowed me to do it!
Ostium: Healing magic, which makes the fire rise, a bit of engineering to lean on the wind.
Ostium: Does this subject, luciography, interest any of you?
Kyriann shakes his head: An ny-Amn
Eloan: Sorry… not really, I don't know how to take luciography… I don't know anymore to tell you the truth.
Kyriann: I'll let you get lost in the sky.
Lyren smiles: If it doesn't make me lose more hair, I can give you a boost, Ostium.
Ostium looks up and sees the clouds: I'm not going today obviously.
Ostium: Grytt Lyren. We'll see together then.
Kyriann murmurs: And I ask the Powers to bring you back whole.
Eloan: Lorandoy to all.
Ostium murmurs: Also keep amps handy for healing.
Lyren makes a courteous bow to Eloan.
Kyriann: So we have an expedition to mount against KoDs, to test their race speed.
Nilstilar: Seelagan, Nair Eloan.
Ostium waves to Eloan.
Eloan: (I don't know how to “emote” properly either.:p))
Ostium: Seelagan nair Eloan.
Eloan bows.
Eloan: Sorry for the end of this session. and for its “during” too for that matter.
Ostium à Eloan : (/bow?)
Kyriann à Eloan : (That'll come back.)
Eloan: but if I said sorry every time I made a clumsy mistake you'd hear nothing but that!
Kyriann laughs. Lyren laughs. Ostium laughs.
— Nilstilar: Tssstttt. You're slandering yourself, Nair!
Eloan: Krill!!! a little support please!
Eloan points to Krill: My second best friend is her, there. Even if she pretends she isn't!
Lyren: She's sleeping… shh
Kyriann smiles: But I think for Krill her barrel is her first second and even third best friend.
Eloan: Then back to Thesos for me, Lorandoy!
Kyriann: Lorandoy Eloan!
Ostium : Lorandoy Nair Eloan.:-)
Nilstilar tries to wave Eloan… (too late): Laye mai… I'll leave you in my turn.
Kyriann looks at the night, the snow…: I think everyone's going home.
Nilstilar: I wish you a good rest and will try to deliver readable minutes before long.
Kyriann straightens up.
Nisroch : Good luck Nils.
Lyren wonders what the Matis is brooding on. Nilstilar tears up a pact.
Ostium: Okal. Seelagan nair ambassador.
Lyren bows to Nilstilar.
Kyriann: Rho but we're all stuck sitting in the snow like this.

Appendix minutes

Eloan addressing Azazor: the back is nice, but I missed your face… how much longer will you sulk?
Ostium to Eloan: (You see Azazor has the head… I'll let you say what you look like Azazor.^^)
Azazor: (I have my head turned towards the fire… you see my back?)
Eloan: (Afor me, I do.:p)
Azazor: (my face and a good part of my body are burned, in the quite ugly double-face kind of way, with a horrible hole in my forehead.)
Eloan is horrified: but!!! what happened, we can do something!!!!
Eloan to anyone who would listen: (sorry… off-topic in the meantime.) Pardon me…. *tries to be wise but doesn't take his eyes off Azazor*
Azazor whispers to Lyren: see the female tryker of Talodi? she's Ufo's former wife.
Azazor still whispers: so when you have time, remember to pay her your respects.
— 'Lyren whispers: Ufo? Ah? Uh... okay...
Azazor still whispers: and also mistress of Icus, your father. but don't worry, your mother is Eeri, there's no doubt about it.
Lyren frowns: Can we talk about this sort of thing at another time?
Nilstilar wonders if a member of the N'ASA might have discovered the DNA test. Ostium laughs. Lyren stares at the female tryker in front of her, a little coldly. Eloan is lost in thought.
Lyren bows to Eloan. Lyren steps back a little, not quite sure.
Eloan': Forgive me… but, you look exactly like the one I consider my best friend. I'm sorry I looked at you, I didn't mean to offend.
Lyren: Uh… your best friend?
Eloan: I've been gone a long time… a really long time, and I don't have any answers to my izams.
Lyren: You know my mother?
Eloan: Eeri is your mother? Yessss! oh but what a joy to meet you!!!
Eloan: How is she?
Lyren hesitates: she's… uh… not too well….
Eloan: We used to spend whole nights reshaping the world at the Thesos bar.
Eloan: I'm a former legionnaire but a long time ago… so long now.
Lyren grimaces a little: We can talk about it over a drink sometime….
Eloan: Oy, gladly… Eeri has become a mom!!! I can't believe it. *laughs*
Lyren counts on his fingers: twice, even.
Eloan: Ohhhhhh! a brother? a sister?
Eloan seems genuinely happy and sincere.
Lyren: A little brother. Azazor's son.
Eloan: oh the last time I saw them together was… at the Frahars and tehy were cat and dog. *smiles*
Lyren hesitates to say completely what she thinks of her mother, being within slapping distance of Kyriann.
Kyriann: (that's better oy!)
Eloan remains benevolent and visibly naive about the situation.
Eloan: Do you live in Thesos?
Lyren: But delighted to make your acquaintance.
Eloan: I've taken over my old cabin there.
Lyren: ney, Thesos.
Eloan smiles: Nice to meet you, Lyren. I can't wait if you agree to tell me a little about it.
Lyren smiles: delighted too, I'll tell you… what I know.
Eloan: And me what I know if you want.
Lyren: with pleasure...

Eloan is delighted. Lyren isn't sure if she wants to know everything, but smiles as politely as she can.

  1. Word pun: FR "suffisant" means EN "smug" or "sufficient".
  2. See the minutes, appended (in blue) above under the main ones, of asides… shared in public!
  3. With that of Lyren, cult lines of a famous FR movie.
  4. An other word pun in FR (disposé/laid out=dix-posés/ten-put).
  5. Editor's note: Here, I (like Zorroargh?) understood the opposite of what Eloan meant…. Hence my “on the spot” reply and the appendix pointed out above which wants to keep both parties (the asides AND their publicity in the meeting) sweet.

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