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de:Orphie Dradius/Über die Anfänge der Ranger
en:Orphie Dradius/On the origin of the Rangers
es:Orphie Dradius/Sobre el origen de los Rangers
fr:Orphie Dradius/Sur les origines des Rangers
ru:Orphie Dradius/О происхождении Рейнджеров
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Correspondence with Liosta Be’Zephy, (2612) [1]

Letter to Orphie Dradius, lead of Rangers; sent by Izam

         Deles Silam Serae Dradius,

I would like to request an interview at your convenience.
    I am at the service of the Karae Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani as Lady-In-Waiting and she has been kind enough to entrust me with the mission of learning more about the presumed author of this Matis map recently found in your archives[2], Ser Svaldi Bucci.
    Not having been able to find any information on him, I take the liberty of bothering you.
    I understand very well that your time is precious and I will not abuse it.
    But I have no doubt that your answers will allow us to rediscover this character of our common history and the role of the Karae in the promotion of Arts and Culture will give him the place he deserves.

Respectfully yours,

Liosta Be’Zephy
Lady-In-Waitingof the Karae

  Liosta Be’Zephy, Lady-In-Waiting of the Karae

Answer of Orphie Dradius to Liosta Be’Zephy, Lady-In-Waiting of the Karae

        Woren siloy young homina !

By the tone of your letter, I am sure I may address you in this way.
     Even if I cannot, alas, grant you an interview (my hours are very busy, especially at the moment) I will nevertheless try to meet your expectations.
     First of all, you will allow me to be astonished that you did not find nothing in the Royal Archives. But perhaps, indeed, the times were too turbulent for certain documents not to disappear, by accident or not...

     For Svaldi Bucci was a great homin and he deserves to find in our common history the eminent place that is in fact his own. You have to know, indeed, that Svaldi was my predecessor at the head of the organization that we today call the Rangers. But to better appreciate the importance of the character, it is necessary to go back even further in the past, at the time of the settlement of homins on the New Lands, after the Great Swarming and the exile that followed:

    Svaldi was then in command of the Matis contingent of the armed force willed by the PMA and led by the four heroes of the Force of Fraternity. I think this name at least is familiar to you and I don't need to remind you of all that the guild it refers to has brought in the fight against the kitins. It is on the remnants of this army, and by taking up its objectives, that the guild of the Rangers of Atys was built. And Svaldi took over the leadership of the guild: his experience in command was designating him for this role. He firmly held the helm in the storm raised by Jinovitch's accession to power in 2504, despite restrictions, despite pressure from all sides. And when the time came to help Prince Yrkanis flee Matia to save his life, he did not hesitate for a moment. Then, because Jinovitch's suspicion of him put all the Rangers at risk, he sacrificed, for the good of all, his position as Guide and disappeared, probably to join the rebels led by Yrkanis.
    This is when I took the lead of the Rangers of Atys.

    This is what you must retain from him, young Matisse: devotion to the common cause! Remember this when you report to the Karae!

    Svaldi Bucci was great. Give him back the place he deserves!

                        Orphie Dradius,
                        Rangers' Guide

  Orphie Dradius, Guide of the Rangers

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