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de:Portal GBA/Homins/2do
en:Portal GBA/Homins/2do
es:Portal GBA/Homins/2do
fr:Portail GBA/Homins/2do
ru:Портал ББА/Гоминов/Задачи
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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2020-10-22)

Updating representative pages

Choose 7 pages representative of the 4 nations and if possible 3 from the large communities of Atys:

Theme Chosen page Status ( to make or changer;
good for now)
Elias and so forth Paera Ama Din Covee
Fyros Oflovak Rydon
Matis Memoirs of an homina
Tryker Loria
Zoraï User:Elke
Merodeadores, aso Tyneetryk
Rangers Arionasis
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