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de:Vorlage:Gebiet Wüste
en:Template:Areas Desert
fr:Modèle:Zone désert
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Notes: (Dorothée, 2020-04-26)

Burning Desert
Home of the Fyros
Dunes of Exile Frahar Towers Imperial Dunes Oflovak's Oasis Outlaw Canyon Savage Dunes Sawdust Mines Scorched Corridor
Barkers Dune Riders Frahar Hunters Fraiders Lawless Leviers Renegades Scorchers Watchers Water Breakers


This template adds a navigation table to the page the template is used on. There are three ways to use this template:

  • {{Areas Desert}} The template adds a collapsible table to the page.
  • {{Areas Desert|collapsed}} The template adds a collapsed table, which can be expanded, to the page.
  • {{Areas Desert|expanded}} The template add a expanded table, which can be collapsed, to the page.
  • {{Areas Desert|none}} The template adds a table to the page which has no collapsible properties.

Note: This template adds the pages it's used on in Category:Burning Desert.