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Don't blame the contributors, but come and help them 😎

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Ryzom Forge, the collaborative project.

“The richness of Ryzom lies in what the players and those who love it can contribute. Therefore, we must give them the means and the opportunities.”

This sentence sums up by itself the essence of the project : to expand the Power to the Players beyond the Roleplaying Game and to finally give the means to act in the game itself to the Ryzom community.

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I'm a self-taught developer, want to help ...
You want to fix a bug, add a feature or are just a code lover wanting to get into the bowels of Ryzom.

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If you have an idea for a web application for players, want to create an external tool or just want to learn more about the ryzom API:

Developing with the Ryzom API

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I'am creative and motivated, I want to...
If you want to add new missions or create a rite for Ryzom using ARK, this is the entry point:

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If you want to add new missions or create a rite for Ryzom using ARK, this is the entry point:

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Please note that it is necessary to contact the ryzom team, as the ARK tool requires access rights.

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