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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) : Fr page fr:Anniversaire 15 ans
Notes: Some references and puns are not translatable. French page has lot of lucios - see atys:Category:15th Birthday (Leda, 2023-01-31)

Lucios from Craftjenn and Jenn, JA 2605 winter [1].

IRL: 2019 September (from 16th to 23rd)

Event Island

On the Prima, Frutor 1, 1st AC 2605 (Monday 2019/9/16), opening of the event on the island - unfortunately, following an accident... we were both totally deaf (my cat wasn't working, and Tamarea and the homin in white didn't have a name for me), I don't know at all what they said...

See the portraits too, from User:Nilstilar on the official forum: Fantômes d'Atys and Vilains (marauders boss).

Tria, Mystia hivers 21, 1er AC 2605

Sunday 22nd September, in the 2nd month in winter

Game of dice, the Tria, Mystia winters 21, 1st AC 2605

Game of dice on the special Island, with Drecyan

What if... Event

The announcement of the event What if, posted on all Atys boards (OCC: official forum).

We were very annoyed about the event What if, in the middle of winter (even in Lakes, it was cold on the Tria, Mystia 21, 1st AC 2605 IRL: 2019/09/22)... Dorothée even asked the question (and chose not to come).

Several pacific Rangers didn't fight in Loria
Indeed, the Rangers don't make war, they support all the homins. The homins of the Cercle du Bois d'Almati, after discussions, chose not to come, or to come as observers (unarmed) - although our leader, Kiwalie, had left us free to make our own choices...

We had planned to create a temporary guild, to be called the "Underpants Circle", and to come in green pants, unarmed, to hand out pick-me-ups to the wounded, to do a report, to talk nonsense...

But on Sunday, the pants were no longer displayed :(

Affsa, Jany and CraftJenn came to Avendale, dressed as Refugees (not to disturb the event too much... since a lot of homins have trouble doing anything if there's a homin in underwear around...). LOL).

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