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Kitin Larvae: A first choice material

The Kitins managed to keep a number of nests despite the constant efforts of most homins. Five nest are currently active, while two seem abandoned.

They also regularly try to install others, especially on the surface. So far, Homins' vigilance, as well as an international alert system succeeded in preventing any new permanent installation.

The Active Kitin Nests

Desertstock’s Map


Desertstock is located in Knot of Dementia region of Witherings. Weirdly enough, Paramount Stock and Withered Stock and this nest seems to have been built on the same plan, but it’s the only one among the three to be currently active.

Tunnel of Woe

Map found in Orphie Dradius' archives

    The Tunnel of Woe opens at the north-west of Knoll of Dissent of Verdant Heights.

    In 2609, the discovery of An old archive triggered a series of investigations of the tunnel. The tunnel had been explored before, noticeably by the Fyros Legions and an informal collective animated by the legionaire Azazor Eridlo Merihus, which could establish that the archive was a tunnel's map. Following those important results The SKA whose members were especially active during the Ranger's expedition decided and performed a detailed exploration of the tunnel. Under the direction of Nair Zendae and Nilstilar Thorec a considerable work has been done, the results of which are presented in the article: Topographical Analysis of the Tunnel of Woe, (JA 2610).
    The tunnel of woe is significantly different from other active nests: unlike other ones, it is essentially dug under the surface of the bark. Moreover, no larvae have ever been found there.

Map prepared by the SKA under the direction of Zendae and Nilstilar Thorec in 2610.
Map of galleries, by function.
FR FORET tertre dissidence tunnel malheurs.jpg

Underwood Woe

The Underwood Woe is in the middle of the Elusive Forest of the Lands of Umbra.

Demon's Lap

Demon's Lap infects south of Forbidden Depths in Wastelands. After the Kitin's Lair, it is the most important and dangerous of all nests

The Kitin's Lair

The biggest nest, because of it's size as well if the danger it represents, is the Kitin's Lair in the Almati Wood. It is still only partially explored.

Inactive or Abandoned Nests

Paramount Stock

    Paramount Stock, is an abandoned nest located in the Noth-East Void. It looks like an important mass that amazes by its verticality. Anyone who shows curiosity will be rewarded by the discovery of a very strange tunnel that allows you to enter the Stump and discover an astonishing place... Inside are several important resources of different kinds of ambers, the origin which is still a mystery.
    Nearby, to the south, is one of the most frequented places in Void. Warriors and mages improve their fighting or healing skills against cratchas .

Paramount Stock (Void)
The cratchas near Paramount Stock

Withered Stock

Withered Stock Grove of Umbra

    Like Paramount Stock, Withered Stock is an abandoned Kitins' nest. It is located south-east of the Grove of Umbra also in Witherings. To the North, the tunnel to enter the stock opens.
    Surprisingly, the three nests of the sub-continent (Desertstock, Capital Stump, Withered Stump) have almost identical plans, which may suggest that their origin could be an intelligent life form.

Withered Stock

Nests Locations

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