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The Sage Missions are available from the Sage in each of the four Capital Cities (Yrkanis, Zora, Fairhaven and Pyr). Each mission is based on a story from the Lore:

  • Matis Sage (Girgia Cisti) (Yrkanis) 'The Treasure of Jinovitch'
  • Zoraï Sage (Cai-Ci Du) (Zora) 'Nature Under Threat'
  • Tryker Sage (Be'Marrell Gedden) (Fairhaven) 'The Daggers of the Lagoons'
  • Fyros Sage (Aetheus Cegrips) (Pyr) 'The Revealers of Heroes'

These Missions are suitable for low - medium level players (Melée 80-120). They are an excellent way of exploring the Forest, Jungle, Lakelands and Desert, depending on which mission you undertake. There is nothing to stop you taking all four missions, or even doing them all at once. Each mission step is a stage in itself and you can break off to do other things before returning to do the next step. The early stages send you to level 50-100 regions, then 150-200 regions, and the final stages are in level 200-250 regions.

You will get various items of gear to help you survive in the increasingly dangerous regions, starting with 150x Q100 Experience Catalysers, then items of jewellery which give 100 boost to HP, Sap, Stamina and Focus for each piece. Later you will be given Q100 Constitution Flower x10 then items of Heavy Armour which give +150 boost to HP, but -150 Sap (again for each piece). When you complete the mission, you will be given a Master quality weapon (you are given a choice of melée or range weapon).

It is important that you pay careful attention to the instructions you are given; important clues may be missed.

The Treasure of Jinovitch

Jinovitch was King of the Matis between 2504 and 2514. He is remembered as a tyrant who Killed his half-brother Yasson to get the throne, and for his campaigns against the Fyros and the Trykers. He eventually died, abandoned by his troops, killed by a Kitin patrol during the campaign in the Lagoons of Loria.

There have been rumours about his lost treasure for generations, and homins had started to believe the stories were just a myth, or if they were true that no-one would be able to find the treasure. Now you have the chance to find the treasure of mad King Jinovitch and prove the legend true.

> Talk to Girgia Cisti in the Royal Palace, Tylini Ward, Yrkanis to begin the mission. She will send you to Lini Chiohio from whom you will get your first instructions. He says

"You seem competent; I hope that is indeed the case. About Jinovitch, I do not know a lot, but I have some friends who may help us. They are Tinacha Zarinia in Natae, Sirgio Ciorinia in Davae and Lini Cuini in Avalae. Go see all three of them to learn more about Jinovitch."

Complete dialogue: The Treasure of Jinovitch: Dialogue

Nature Under Threat

A mysterious sickness is spreading among the people, plants and animals of Maiden Grove. It is thought to be a deliberate act of sabotage and suspicions fall on one of the tribes living in Maiden Grove.

You will be asked to find out the truth and along the way you will get help from a mysterious stranger who leaves a secret message.

> Talk to the Zoraï Sage Cai-Ci Du in the Temple Hall District of Zora to begin the mission. He says

"[your name], we have a serious problem. We have found that the flora of Maiden Grove is dying. If this trend continues, the vegetation may disappear altogether, and goo will appear. Would you care to assist us?"

If you take the mission he will send you to see the Shadow Runners in Maiden Grove.

Complete dialogue: Nature Under Threat: Dialogue

The Daggers of the Lagoons

It was during the Battle of the Lagoons of Loria, between the Trykers led by Still Wyler and the Matis led by Jinovich. Prince Yrkanis, exiled by Jinovich, agreed to help the Trykers regain control of the Lagoons. No-one is sure about the role of the Daggers in the eventual victory of the Trykers, but it is said that without these powerful weapons the Trykers would have been defeated.

The Daggers were supposed to have been lost during the battle, but now you have the chance to find out what happened and perhaps find the Daggers.

> Talk to the Tryker Sage Be'Marrell Gedden in Council Chamber Square in Fairhaven. He will send you to the Barman Ba'Naer Liffan. He says

"The Battle of the Lagoons of Loria? Yes, I remember the story. The Trykers were led by Still Wyler, they fought the Matis for control of the Lagoons. Fortunately Yrkanis, Prince of the Matis, offered us his help. Without the daggers, they might not have held for long."
"You want to have one? I don't know if that's possible, but . . . I know someone who may have an idea. His name is Be'Laury Lipsie. You can find him in Winds of Muse and he is a member of the Silt Sculptors tribe. They can be found in the north of Winds of Muse, west of a large cliff."

Complete dialogue: The Daggers of the Lagoons: Dialogue

The Revealers of Heroes

A secretive organisation dedicated to finding and training the best warriors, the Revealers are thought to have disappeared. Some say they went underground. Very few know anything about them and even fewer are prepared to talk about them. The only way to find out the truth is to take their tests . . .

> Talk to Aetheus Cegrips in Karavia Square, Pyr to begin the mission. He says

"I salute you, [your name]! Your combat skills are improving daily. Continue like this and you will be worthy of joining the ranks of our greatest fighters. Have you ever heard of the organisation called The Revealers Of Heroes? Their goal is to identify the most deserving warriors and lead them to glory. This organisation is thought to have disappeared, but some believe that is not the case. Would you like to know more?"

If you take the mission he will send you to talk to Xan Abygrian in Pyr to get your first instructions.

Complete dialogue: The Revlealers of Heroes: Dialogue

Due to the nature of the missions it is impossible for any one player to chose both melée weapon and range weapon at the conclusion, so I am grateful to Hwinoree for information about the range weapons given at the end of the Zoraï Sage Mission and the Tryker Sage Mission, and to Jack for the information about the Fyros mission. If anyone has information about the range weapon given at the end of the Matis mission, please add them in or let me know so I can complete this article
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