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See also: Mabreka Cho (main article) and Mabreka the chronicle about his birth.

This is a short biography of Grand Sage Mabreka Cho.

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Born on the route of the exodus. His father, the great warrior magician Leng Cheng-Ho, is a founder member of the Guild of Force of Fraternity. Matini Bremmen Kalus Cheng-Lo was named after the other founder members of the guild (Matini Roqvini a Matis, Bremmen Dingle a Tryker, and Kalus Hym a Fyros). The first names were then shortened to Mabreka. These famous homins helped save Leng, his wife, eldest son and two daughters from being devoured by kitins on the route of the exodus. Mabreka was in the belly of his mother at the time.


Arrives in Zora with his family from the route of exile.


Mabreka is 8 when his father is killed saving the young Matis prince, Yrkanis. The young Zoraï is taken into the house of the childless Grand Sage Hoï-Cho (sage) who gives the boy teaching.


Hoï-Cho begins dictating his encounters with Ma-Duk. Mabreka, at the age of 10, is the faithful scribe.


Mabreka accompanies Hoï-Cho to Pyr where the Grand Sage negotiates a Pact of Alliance with the Fyros. In Pyr, Mabreka makes the acquaintance of Dexton, the future Fyros emperor. This marks the beginning of a lasting friendship.


War over Lagoons of Loria between the Trykers and the Matis brings a Fyros contingent led by Dexton through Zoraï country to join sides with the Trykers. During his stopover in the Zoraï capital of Zora, Hoï-Cho warns Dexton of the consequences of war. Mabreka reminds him too of the fraternity of the four peoples that Kalus Hym and the others of the Force of Fraternity had so keenly defended. Dexton promises to take prisoners when he can.


On hearing about Dexton’s capture by the Matis, Mabreka volunteers to step in as go-between to negotiate his release. The aging Hoï-Cho, unable to travel far, agrees to send Mabreka on his first official mission, despite his youth. The Grand Sage counts on the young Zoraï’s capital of sympathy with the Matis king. Indeed, Mabreka’s father had lost his life saving Yasson’s son from the jaws of kitins.


At the age of 16, Mabreka successfully orchestrates the release of Dexton for one million dappers, and plays a preponderant role in the Watergate Border Post Peace Treaty.


Mabreka is 19 when Hoï-Cho dies without officially designating his heir. Despite his growing popularity, Mabreka is forced to find exile in Pyr when Fung-Tun, an old and influential guru, takes the power refuting the Hoï-Cho writings, and reinstates Jena as Kami Superior. In Pyr Mabreka is able to preach the enlightenment of Ma-Duk to the Dexton, his friend and Emperor of the Fyros, to bring him closer still to the Kamis.


Mabreka distinguishes himself in battle alongside Dexton in a campaign to crush a Matis crusade to convert the Fyros lands to Jenaïsm. Meanwhile, in Zora, Fung-Tun has gone insane, the Zora administration is in danger of losing control and guards are posted to keep all foreigners out so creating confusion and conflict at the Fyros frontier. It is thus amid great acclaim that Mabreka returns from Dunes of Exile to calm spirits and with a proposition of a Fyro-Zoraï peace treaty and a pact of alliance in the name of the Kami. Fung-Tun is deposed, Mabreka is elected Grand Sage by the High Council. Mabreka takes the name of Mabreka Cho to rekindle the spirit of the Cho dynasty and faith in Ma-Duk. Mabreka Cho pushes for total commitment to Hoï-Cho’s teachings throughout the lands. He misses not an occasion to sow the seeds of faith.


Mabreka gives asylum to the late King Yasson’s son, Yrkanis, and helps him muster an army to dethrone the ultra-Karavan king, Jinovitch. Mabreka figures Yrkanis would be a more tolerant king and thus more receptive to Kami enlightenment. Mabreka and Yrkanis agree to resume trade if the prince’s bid to the throne is successful. Mabreka also manages to negotiate the non persecution of Kamis in Matis lands.


Mabreka and Dexton join forces against a swarming of kitins in Knot of Dementia and Dunes of Exile. Mabreka proves himself in battle to be as valiant a warrior as his illustrious father and as wise a leader as Hoï-Cho.


Following the Fairhaven Peace Treaty signed in 2515, Mabreka orchestrates the summit of Hoï-Cho where the four homin powers sign a Free Trade Agreement to establish free movement throughout homin lands. Thus the pro-Kami guild of Cho are at liberty to spread the word of Ma-Duk throughout the lands of Atys.


At 39, Mabreka Cho has consolidated the teachings of Hoï-Cho throughout the Zoraï and Fyros lands. The Kamis are accepted and sometimes revered in Tryker and Matis lands. He would now like to bring all the homin peoples another step closer to the eternal bliss of Ma-Duk.