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Atysmas is a series of events spanning throughout the month of December. This large event can be broken up into several mini-events, some that lasted throughout the month and some held at scheduled times.

Advents Calendar

The Advents Calendar ran from 1 December until 24 December, showing a new image every day.

All these images can be seen at Adventscalendar 2010

Scenery Changes

The new moon.

Some changes were made to the scenery to give the world a more fitting look for Atysmas:

  • All stables got a new model with a giant Atysmas tree on top.
  • Yubos as well as Mektoub mounts were given an Atysmas hat and antlers.
    • These Atysmas Yubos were renamed Yubohohos.
  • One of the moons of Atys was changed to show a sled pulled by reindeer in front of it.
  • Atysmas trees and glowy pollen appeared all over every city, and lantern posts were wrapped in Atysmas colours.
  • Candy Canes were changed into shiny Atysmas stars on sticks.
  • Yubo Dolls were changed into gingerbread man cookies.

Also, an Atysmas village was erected in Knot of Dementia, just outside Zora.


The Pyr stables. An Atysmas mount in front of an Atysmas tree. Yubohohos. Showing off the Atysmas Starry Cane in front of the Zora stables.

The standard lantern post, wrapped in Atysmas colours. Lantern posts in Zora wrapped in Atysmas colours. Lantern posts in Dyron wrapped in Atysmas colours. Lantern posts in Yrkanis wrapped in Atysmas colours.

Atysmas Village

An Atysmas village was erected in Knot of Dementia, just outside Zora. It was made up of mostly miniature buildings and was inhabited by Atysmas Elfs and Yubohohos. It disappeared after the Atysmas events were over.

A schedule of events could be found in the Atysmas village, and 3 of the events started or ended there.


The Atysmas Village. The Atysmas Village. The Atysmas Village. An Atysmas Elf. Yubo and Yubohoho.

Schedule of Events

The Atysmas season is upon us and the events have been planned! The Annual Magic Pole Atysmas Party will start off this year's Atysmas celebrations on 18 December at 19:00 GMT. Various activities will be announced/broadcast throughout the week with a closing event on 23 December at 19:00 GMT.

Scheduled Activities:

18 Dec 19:00 GMT - Annual Magic Pole Atysmas Party
19 - 23 Dec - Holiday Scenario viewing/voting
19 Dec - End: Scrooged Snowmen
22 Dec - End: Package Delivery
22 Dec 19:00 GMT - Great Atysmas Swap
23 Dec - ? : Atysmas Surprises
23 Dec 02:00 GMT - Great Atysmas Swap
23 Dec 19:00 GMT - Atysmas Toy Battle
31 Dec - End: New Years Gifts

Merry Atysmas!
Arispotle Events Team

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The Great Atysmas Swap

The presents waiting under the tree in the Atysmas village.
The presents waiting under the tree in the Atysmas village.

The events were kicked off with the announcement of the Great Atysmap Swap. All players who participated in this event were randomly assigned another participant to give a present to. They then had from 12 December until 22 December to chose a suitable present, and once they had submitted their present it would appear in the Atysmas village.

Then on the night of 22 December, at 19:00 GMT and again at 02:00 GMT, events were held where the participants gathered in the Atymas village to unwrap their presents. Those participants who could not attend these events were given their presents after Atysmas was over.

Soon the spirit of Atysmas will fill the hearts of homins with warmth and love of the holiday season on Atys. Like last year, the event team of Arispotle would like to enjoy this contemplative time of Atysmas with you. What you can expect from this year's festival will not yet be revealed completely. However, we are now calling all players who like to give and receive joy to participate in the Great Atysmas Swap.

How does the swap work? Anyone who would like to participate should send an in-game mail to Jaliun by Saturday, 11 December 24:00 GMT with G.A.S. in the subject line. The event team will draw lots to determine to whom you will give a present. On Sunday, 12 December you will receive an in-game mail in which you will learn the name of the homin who will receive your gift. But ssshhh, don't tell anyone who it is!

An event will be held in which the gifts are presented. In order to make it a more enchanting evening, we invite all homins to tell a little Atysmas tale, a mysterious legend, a funny poem, a chilling fairy tale or a romantic story.

We are looking forward to your participation and to this exciting evening of mystery gifting with all of Atys.

Holiday greetings!

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Annual Magic Pole Atysmas Party

The first actual mini-event to be held was an Atysmas party at the Magic Pole outpost in Fleeting Garden, on Saturday 18 December at 19:00 GMT. It was hosted by Father Atymas and attended by a host of the Pole's magical inhabitants, most of which turned out to be pursuing their own agenda.

Amidst the festivities, Father Atysmas was murdered by means of poisoned eggnog, and the party turned into a murder mystery as players attempted to figure out which of the guests was responsible. But just as the perpetrator was found, Father Atysmas got back up anyway, being immortal after all.


The decorated Magic Pole. Father Atysmas and wife arrive. The party in full swing. Father Atysmas drank one too many eggnog. Suspect line-up!

Shine your shoes and get out your best holiday attire!

For the first time in Atysmas history, homins are invited to the Annual Magic Pole Atysmas party, hosted by none other than Father Atysmas himself! Due to a special arrangement made between Mother Nature and Father Atysmas, homins will be allowed to mingle with citizens of the Magic Pole for this special holiday event. Don't miss your once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the Annual Magic Pole Atysmas party!

Date: Quarta, Medis 28, 4th AC 2553(JY)
Time: 2h
Location: Kami Circle Magic Pole

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Concept Art

How the Magic Pole supposedly looks like to it's magical inhabitants. How the Magic Pole supposedly looks like to it's magical inhabitants. How the Magic Pole supposedly looks like to it's magical inhabitants. How the Magic Pole supposedly looks like to it's magical inhabitants. How the Magic Pole supposedly looks like to it's magical inhabitants.

Holiday Scenario Contest

Holiday Ring Scenarios awaited your exploration.

Creators of Ring scenarios were challenged to create a Holiday-themed scenario for Atysmas 2010.

Between 19 December and 23 December, all submitted Holiday scenarios were permanently hosted by the Event Team, and players could vote on which scenario was their favourite.

Arispotle Events challenges new and veteran scenario creators to make holiday themed scenarios in the Ring!

1. Register by sending ingame mail to Jaliun by 4 December.
2. Note if you are participating in the Beginning or Advanced category.
3. All files must be submitted by 18 December (instructions will be sent to all registrants).
4. Voting by the players will be from 19 - 23 December.

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Scrooged Snowmen

Snowmen in Fairhaven.
Snowmen at the Pyr gate.
More snowmen in Pyr.
Snowmen at the Yrkanis stable.

From 19 December until 31 December, players could look for the 13 snowmen parts that were scattered all over Atys. Any player who found all 13 parts could have a personal snowman placed at a location of their choosing. The snowman would bear their name, and remain until the end of the Atysmas events.

About 25 players completed this event and had their own snowmen placed, and most were placed around the entrances to the 4 capital cities.

Dear Homins,

Atysmas Decorators Unltd has worked diligently in the past to ensure Atysmas Decorations reach you in the cities and towns all over Atys. Unfortunately this year it seems that those meddling marauders, the Scrooges Stooges, have ransacked our shipments of snowmen and scattered the crates all over Atys!

Time is running out to get all the crates together so we can decorate the land with these wonderful snowmen before Atysmas is upon us! We simply cannot find them all on our own and we need your help to locate and assemble the parts!

For every Homin that manages to collect all of the necessary parts for a single snowman, we will personally construct that snowman in any location of that Homin's choosing; we'll even engrave their names on the snowmen in thanks for their efforts!

To keep track of those who will help us, please come register with me at the Atysmas Village before you start your search. Only your vigilant eye can find the lost crates!

Yours Truly,
Zelonix Titheus
Atysmas Decorators Unltd
Head of Atysmas Decorating Affairs

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Thank you for coming to the aid of Atysmas Decorators UnItd. It is a horrible mess that the Scrooges Stooges have made. For your assistance in finding the parts for a complete snowman, we will assure that one will be placed in your honor at the location of your choice. Now these parts are scattered far and wide and it is up to you to locate all 13 parts. Once you have located them all, you can return here and talk to my assistant.

  Zelonix Titheus

Atysmas Toy Battle

Toy soldiers at the magic pole party.

Toy Soldiers were first observed at the Magic Pole Atysmas Party on 18 December, but were assumed to be no more than a curiosity there. However, shortly after the party had ended, reports started coming in of Toy Soldiers being sighted in Void, apparently having taken over Paramount Stock.

They continued harassing travellers around Paramount Stock until Father Atysmas called for an army to destroy them on 23 December.

Who can say what exactly happened to the lost crates of toys? All we know is that the toys have become organized and must be stopped! The only way to stop their attacks is to locate their hidden base. All homins are called by Father Atysmas on 23 December at 19:00 GMT to the Atysmas Village. Come prepared for Atysmas Toy Battle.

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Atysmas Deliveries

Atysmas presents appeared in homins' apartments.

From 22 December until long after December was over, homins could assist in the delivering of Atysmas presents. Right-clicking any apartment caretaker and selecting "info" would present a player with the option to either pick up or deliver a package. On picking up a package, they'd be told which capital city it would have to be delivered to, and could complete the delivery by delivering the package to any apartment caretaker in that city. Players could only carry one package at a time.

For every package that was delivered in this way, a player living in the receiving capital city would get an Atysmas Present inside their apartment. Upon opening the present, it would contain one of the new Atysmas apartment items.

New Years Gifts

The last event took place on 31 December. Players were tasked with finding the 20 New Years' Gifts that were scattered all over the Majestic Garden region, and unravelling the secret message written on them. There was no set time for this event, players could do it at any time during 31 December.

The Assistant to the Royal Botanist needs your aid!
The shipment of New Years' Gifts sent by Cuiccio Perinia, the Royal Botanist has gone missing!

Every year the Royal Botanist sends rare and precious gifts to all of the high nobility of the Yrkanis court. Entrusted to the Assistants cousin Signo Zazzo and her two partners Villi Frebi and Bezzo Rosi, the gift were en route from Yrkanis to Avalae when they got lost. After many recriminations as to who had forgotten the map and who was too preoccupied with their new boots, they allegedly stumbled into a group of huge torbaks and had to flee for their lives!

Unfortunately the gifts had come loose during their flight and they are now strewn all over Majestic Garden. If you would find all the gifts the Botanised will be very pleased. To make sure that his gifts were not confused with somebody else's, Cuiccio has hidden a message on all the gifts. All homins that find all the gifts and unravel the secret message should send an izam mail to Jaliun with the secret message to receive their reward.

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Apartments Items

An example of a miniature Atysmas village set up.

As with the 2010 Halloween Event, new items to put in your apartment were introduced specifically to be given out during the Atysmas Events. The Atysmas apartment items were all miniatures that together could be used to build a miniature Atysmas village inside your apartment.

All in all there were 23 different miniature items that could be collected. For a list of all these individual miniature items, see the section on apartment items.

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