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Historical amber: The Chiefs
Mabreka Cho
Grand Sage of the Zoraïs
Race Zoraï
Gender Male
Reign 2506 -
Predecessor Fung-Tun
Successor -
Father Leng Cheng-Ho
Mother Lian Cheng-Ho
Birth date 2485
Birthplace On the route of the Exodus
Death date
Death place
Religion Kami

Mabreka Cho was born as “Matini-Bremmen-Kalus Cheng-Ho” during the Exodus in 2485 JY. His name was later shortened to “Mabreka Cheng-Ho”, later he changed it to ““Mabreka Cho””. He is the current Grand Sage and leader of the Zoraï people.

Mabreka has often been described as the ever-steady voice of reason that guides the Zoraï. He has a strong sense of justice and is extremely faithful to Ma-Duk and sows the seeds of Kami faith whenever he gets the chance, he is also know to be a brilliant and eloquent orator and has often been asked to be an arbitrator, although he is highly devoted to Ma-Duk he does not allow this to influence him unduly.

Main Psychological Traits

  • Endowed with mature intelligence and a strong sense of mysticism.
  • Well-measured, eloquent and calculated way of speaking.
  • Possessed of discernment, judgment and discretion, he is the ever-steady voice of reason that guides the Zoraï people on.
  • Of strenuous moral virtue, is faithful to his god (Ma-Duk) and his duty (to promote Kami enlightenment).
  • Superior but not haughty, though strong-willed, he has a strong presence of mind and knows how to bide his time. He knows that harboring Yrkanis, for example, will bring him merit later as Yrkanis would be more tolerant to the Kamis than would Jinovitch.
  • Sought as an arbitrator far and wide and though devoted to Ma-Duk, he never allows it to influence him unduly.


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Early Life

Mabreka's father was the great warrior magician Leng Cheng-Ho and a founding member of the guild Force of Fraternity. The route of the Exodus was undertaken by Mabreka's family and the other 3 founding members of the guild - Matini Roqvini a Matis, Bremmen Dingle a Tryker, and Kalus Hym a Fyros. They were attacked on the route of the Exodus, but Roqvini, Bremmen and Kalus helped Leng save his wife, eldest son and two daughters from being devoured by kitins; Mabreka was still unborn at the time. Later during the journey in the year of Jena 2485, Mabreka was born and named after the brave homins that helped save his family. His name was later shortened from Matini Bremmen Kalus Cheng-Ho to Mabreka Cheng-Ho. In 2489 JY Mabreka and his family reached Zora from the route of the Exodus.

At the age of eight in the year 2493 JY Mabreka was taken into the house of the childless Grand Sage Hoï-Cho who became his mentor, when his father was killed while saving the young Matis Prince, Yrkanis. Barely two years later Mabreka becomes Hoï-Cho's faithful scribe and writes of the encounters between his mentor and Ma-Duk.

In 2498 JY Hoï-Cho was accompanied by Mabreka to Pyr where Hoï-Cho negotiated the Pact of Alliance with the Fyros. During the processions, Mabreka made acquaintance with Dexton, the heir to the empire, this marked the beginning of a lasting friendship which still holds to this day.

War and Exile

A war started in 2499 JY between the Trykers and the Matis, the Fyros sided with the Trykers and a contingent led by Dexton himself was led through the Zoraï lands to join the Tryker army. During a quick stopover in Zora, after the Grand Sage warned Dexton of the consequences of the war, Mabreka reminded him of the fraternity of the four peoples, which Kalus Hym and the others keenly defended in their lives. Being a good friend of Mabreka, Dexton promised to take prisoners when he could.

Barely a year (2500 JY) later Dexton was captured by the Matis, when Mabreka heard of this he volunteered to step in as a go-between to negotiate Dexton's release. Hoï-Cho, having grown old and unable to travel far, allowed Mabreka to go his first official mission. A year later, at the age of 16, Mabreka successfully orchestrated Dexton's release for a million dappers and played a large role in the establishing the Watergate Border Post Peace Treaty.

In the year of Jena 2504 the Grand Sage Hoï-Cho died without officially designating an heir. However, despite his growing popularity, Mabreka did not become Grand Sage and was forced into exile in Pyr by Fung-Tun, an old and influential guru. During this time Mabreka did not lay low, he openly preached the enlightenment of Ma-Duk to Dexton, his friend and now emperor of the Fyros. Mabreka remained in exile for 2 years, during which he proved himself in battle alongside Dexton against a Matis crusade to convert the Fyros lands to Jenaïsm.

Rise to Grand Sage

Fung-Tun slowly became insane and in the year and in 2506 JY, Mabreka returned to Zora from the Dunes of Exile to calm the spirits, to propose a Fyros-Zoraï peace treaty and a alliance pact in the name of the Kami. Fung-Tun was quickly deposed and Mabreka elected as Grand Sage by the High Council. To rekindle the spirit of the Cho Dynasty and faith in Ma-Duk, Mabreka Cheng-Ho took up the name of Mabreka Cho. He pushed for total commitment to Hoï-Cho's teachings throughout the lands and did not miss a chance to sow the seeds of faith.

In the year of Jena 2509, Mabreka gave asylum to the son of the late King Yasson, Yrkanis, and helped him muster an army to dethrone Yasson's half-brother and ultra-Karavan king, Jinovitch. Through this Mabreka managed to negotiate the non-persecution of Kamis in Matis lands and resume trade should Yrkanis be successful in retaking the throne.

Six years after taking up the title of Grand Sage, Mabreka and Dexton join forces to combat the swarming of kitins in the Knot of Dementia and Dunes of Exile. Mabreka proved himself in battle, yet again, to be as valiant a warrior as his illustrious father and as wise a leader as Hoï-Cho.

Following the Fairhaven Peace Treaty signed in 2515 JY, Mabreka organised the summit of Hoï-Cho, where the four homin powers signed a Free Trade Agreement to eastablish free movement throughout homin lands. This allowed the pro-Kami guild of Cho the liberty to spread the word of Ma-Duk throughout the lands of Atys.

In 2525 JY, at the age of 39, Mabreka Cho consolidated the teachings of Hoï-Cho throughout the Zoraï and Fyros Lands. Mabreka now works to bring all of hominkind another step closer to the eternal bliss of Ma-Duk.


Mabreka was born to the union of two Zoraï, Leng and Lian Cheng-Ho, from this union came two sons and two daughters. We do not know the names of any of Mabreka's sisters.

Leng Cheng-Ho
Lian Cheng-Ho
Gangi Cheng-Ho
Mabreka Cheng-Ho

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