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Personal Amber of Shuai-Nang Du
Race Zoraï
Gender Female
Nation Affiliated to Ancient Dryads
↳ Status
Non-playable character

Shuai-Nang Du is a scout affiliated with the Ancient Dryads tribe.

The Ancient Dryads are a tribe that is particularly hard to get fame with, as they are in Grove of Confusion (a very dangerous region) and most homins have a very bad starting fame with them. Matis players even start at the lowest possible [1] fame with them.


Shuai-Nang Du is often the only source for doable missions that give fame with the Ancient Dryads (see Wo-Lo Ciai too). She gives 4 missions that are doable:

  • go to Westgrove Stronghold.
  • kill a kipesta in Grove of Confusion.
  • target all 3 herbivores in Grove of Confusion; yelks and aranas are all over, madakam tend to be near the Sap Slaves camp.
  • collect a jugula high quality skull [2] and return it to her; this will require a Horrific or Great Jugula.
  • Do not take her mission to kill Sap Slaves, as this will ruin your Sap Slaves fame!


The difficulty is that, as a scout, Shuai-Nang Du moves around the region. So here are all her known locations:

Notes [OOC]:

  • If you take her mission to collect a jugula skull, and then hold onto the skull (or an other craft/dig mission), Shuai-Nang Du will show up on your compass with a unique symbol (the one signifying a quest-giver who you have an object for) which can help in finding her.
  • Remember that as a scout, Shuai-Nang Du does not have a title that identifies her as a member of the Ancient Dryads.
  • -100 , which is the only instance in the game where someone starts wth such a fame with any tribe.
  • over q240