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= References =

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Frahar and tribes threaten the Burning Desert.

In the fourth cycle of Jena Year 2551, the disastrous consequences of the drought in the Burning Desert came to a climax. At the beginning of the cycle, the desert tribes were protesting violently outside the Fyros cities, and Frahar were swarming over two of the desert regions. By the end of the cycle, the tribes had all gone home, and the Frahar problem had been mostly solved.

This didn't happen easily or quickly though. After the events of the second cycle, most of the Akenak resigned in protest. And with nobody to take action anymore, the problems only worsened during the third cycle. It seemed for a while the Fyros Empire was on the brink of destruction. It was only after foreign intervention and the election of a new Akenak that the problems started getting resolved.

The tribes were one by one negotiated with until they could be convinced to withdraw their forces. However the Frahar proved to be a bigger problem. A detailed investigation had to be launched to find out why they were multiplying so quickly, before a large expedition could finally put a stop to it.

Buildup: Third Cycle

Buildup for this event continued on from Water Perils, Saturday, 3 July, 2010.

Summer, 3th Atysian Cycle, Jena Year 2551

The events of the second cycle had left the desert tribes protesting violently outside the Fyros towns Dyron and Thesos, while aggressive Frahar camped at the oasis. And to make the turmoil even worse, the Akenak was in disagreement with the Senate over how to solve the situation.

Several Akenak had already announced their resignation over the disagreement, and elections for a new Akenak were due. But these elections would not be completed until the beginning of the fourth cycle. Thus any solution would have to wait while the third cycle dragged on... and meanwhile the desert remained in disarray.

Barkers blockade the south gate of Pyr.

Autumn, 3th Atysian Cycle, Jena Year 2551

On Harvestor 13, the Matis Nobles held a secret meeting to discuss the situation in their neighbouring nation. Rumours abounded that they were plotting to take advantage of the turmoil and anarchy in the Fyros Empire to impose their influence on the desert.

In the month of Fallenor, the situation in the desert escalated further, as some of the tribes moved away from Thesos and Dyron to instead blockade the gates of Pyr itself. There was general outcry from the population, but despite a repeated plea from the Akenak, the Senate still refused to take military action. Ofcourse this didn't stop some vigilantes from attempting to remove the tribes by force themselves. But they only obtained temporary successes, the tribes always returned with reinforcements. Thought after the first skirmishes the tribes did move a little further away from Pyr.

Winter, 3th Atysian Cycle, Jena Year 2551

In the winter of the third cycle, the Matis chamber of Nobles, perhaps wanting to help or perhaps pursuing their own agenda, invited the tribes of the desert to move to Virginia Falls in Hidden Source to last out the drought there.

It is well known that you are suffering from a terrible drought and that the situation is getting more dire every day. The Matis Kingdom wishes to do what we can to extend a helping hand and prevent further suffering.

The Matis Kingdom thus hereby officially invites all tribes of the Burning Desert in need of water to move their populations across the border into Matis lands and camp at Virginia Falls during the drought.

— Official Forums[1]

The three tribes that were blockading Thesos at the time accepted this invitation and made camp in Hidden Source for the rest of the drought, clearing Thesos of tribal blockade. Dyron and Pyr remained under siege by the remaining tribes, however.

Very shortly thereafter, while talk was already circulating that the Fyros government was falling apart overwhelmed with the problems that came at them from all sides, it was announced that the Akenak elections had finished and that a new Akenak would be installed in the second month of the fourth cycle.

Truth! Honor! Discipline! Justice!

The Call of the Dagger has concluded! Let it be known that 2 candidates will be named Akenak for duration of 1 Jena year!

I announce that on Quarta, Germinally 4, 4th AC 2551(JY) at 20h Prince Lykos will confirm the title of Akenak on elected candidates. The ceremony will take place at the Akenak meeting place in the Imperial Hall! All candidates and current Akenak should attend!

For the Emperor Dexton! For Fyros!

— Official Forums[2]

Akenak Assembly

The Akenak assembly started at 23:00 GMT, Wednesday, 21 July, 2010.
The Akenak Assembly.

The old and new Akenak met at the Imperial Hall in Pyr. Senator Dios and prince Lykos attended the meeting, but only to discharge the old Akenak and inaugurate the new one. They then departed again, leaving it up to the new Akenak to decide how to handle the problems.

Some Matis Nobles were present at the meeting, officially to offer their full support but probably also to spy on the proceedings. Several concerned Fyros citizens were also present to join in the discussion. A reporter was there to report on the meeting, and a few angry protesters were there to complain to the Akenak about the ongoing drought and lack of solutions.

The new Akenak promised to immediately get on it and discussed various possible solutions. They ultimately decided they would try again to negotiate with the tribes for a peaceful solution, while more information would need to be obtained about the Frahar before they could decide what to do about those.

Wasting no time, the Akenak immediately sprang into action and rushed over to the Leviers camp to begin negotiations. They managed to persuade both the Leviers and the Barkers to lift their blockades of Pyr almost immediately after the assembly. They also questioned both tribes about the Frahar, but obtained no useful information.

Buildup: Fourth Cycle

Spring, 4th Atysian Cycle, Jena Year 2551

One of the dozens of Frahar armies.

Because all eyes had been on the tribes, nobody had really noticed the Frahar until now. It was only shortly before the Akenak Assembly that people started noticing how many there suddenly were all over Frahar Towers. And their numbers weren't the only thing shocking; specimens of Frahar were observed that were much stronger than normal Frahar. They seemed as powerful and as intelligent as the Fraiders, but far more malevolent. Scouts even confirmed the presence of Frahar magicians, who could launch powerful fire spells over long distance that killed many a desert travellers before they ever realised what happened.

But perhaps strangest of all was that the Frahar were building totems.

At about the same time, the Fyros citizenry started making themselves heard: Concerned citizens starting popping up all over Pyr, sharing their concerns and opinions and sometimes their knowledge about the Frahar with anyone who would listen. (The speeches of all these NPCs can be found below.)

Adventurers responding to these calls started thinning out the Frahar and destroying some of the totems, but it quickly proved futile, as the Frahar would simply return and rebuild the totems.

Shortly after the new Akenak was installed, the town crier placed posters around Pyr with a request for information about the Frahar:

Attention Patriots, residents and visitors of the Desert!

The Akenak is requesting information regarding the recent frahar infestation in the Frahar Towers. Any knowledge that has been ascertained should be passed on to the Akenak.

Truth! Honor! Discipline! Justice!

— Official Forums[3]

Summer, 4th Atysian Cycle, Jena Year 2551

The Akenak negotiates with the Frahar Hunters.

During the summer months, while adventurers gathered information about the Frahar, the Akenak continued negotiations with the rebelling tribes. This often meant they needed an escort to reach the various tribe camps.

In one expedition, they attempted to gather information about the Frahar from the Lawless, the Scorchers and the Fraiders. All three tribes weren't particularly friendly with the Fyros and had to be bribed. And only the Fraiders had any kind of usefull information: These new intelligent Frahar were not friendly with them, and had in fact stolen their tools to build their totems.

In further expeditions, the Akenak convinced the Water Breakers, Frahar Hunters, Renegades and Watchers to all lift their blockades. This ended all the tribal uprising in the desert. Now only the Frahar would have to be dealt with. The Water Breakers had suggested perhaps there was something in the water or soil, so water and soil samples were taken to be analysed by the Pyr scholars, an analysis that took until the end of the summer:

An emergency meeting of the Akenak will be held on Dua, Thermis 26, 4th AC 2551(JY) at 8h to review the results of the water and soil analysis.

— Official Forums[4]

Autumn, 4th Atysian Cycle, Jena Year 2551

A hermit with clues.

Meanwhile, scouts were searching all over Oflovak's Oasis and Frahar Towers for additional clues to the cause of the Frahar invasion, and additional homins who could tell them more about it. Six more homins with more or less useful information were found. (The speeches of all these NPCs can be found below.)

When all this information was finally collected, and coupled with the information gathered from the tribes and the analysis, the cause was determined and the long awaited call for a mass expedition finally came:

Foragers and care planners of Ayts! Your expertise is needed in the Burning Desert!

The Pyr scholars have determined that an over abundance of resources in Oflovak's Oasis and the Frahar Towers has polluted the water and caused the explosion of the frahar population. In a joint effort between the Akenak and the Barkers an excavation expedition has been organized for Quinteth, Fallenor 11, 4th AC at 8h. All homins are invited to help. Diggers, care planners and general guard teams are welcome. Meeting place is at the Northlake Farm Tower in Oflovak's Oasis.

Once the resources are reduced in sufficient amounts, homins will be asked to help reduce the frahar population.

— Official Website[5]

Pyr NPC speeches

Troubled Homin

I was running through the Frahar towers the other day, before the region became so overwhelmed, and I observed some Frahar as they were building a totem. That was a strange sight, you can believe me!

Since when can these animals process wood?

Exhausted Homin

Why? Because no one believes me!

*imploring tone*

I have seem him! Believe me!
A huge Frahar as big as a mighty Kincher!

*gives a discouraging sigh*

But all think I'm crazy...
It was only a few hundred meters from here that it marched past.

Well, it was dark. But its enormous eyes flashed at me! Then I immediately took flight. But that's understandable... or not?

I will never forget the sight ...

*stares at the ground and starts shaking*


The Fraaah... *hic* rrrr...
they are *hic* back-shhtabbing beashhtieshh *hic*
They block entire roadshh, you *hic* know.
There ishhn't any getting through! *hic*
It'shh mushh better to shhtay here... in the baaar.
*hic* Baaarkeeep!


Ha! These damned Frahar! One can hardly move. The Akenak better belive that the Fraiders are behind this.


A punitive expedition to the beasts down there in the gorge and the situation is clarified, believe you me! Then finally it will be quiet here and we can pursue our work without being robbed by these creatures!

Yes! Robbed! You heard me! My mektoubs were stolen right under my nose - along with all the wood I was transporting.

*waves hand in angry gesture*

And nobody does anything about it!
Patriots. Pah! All Cowards!


Want to learn more about Frahar? Then you have come to the right man!

Frahar are only slightly more intelligent than ordinary animals. Some even say that a Shooki is more intelligent, but I beg to differ.

Frahar normally live in herds of 5 to 10 and are excellent hunters. It is worthwhile to observe them in the hunt, for they are indeed very clever and take advantage of weaknesses of their victims selectively. They have learned to deal with primitive tools and have weak magic skills in which they have developed a special talent for fire and use it in the hunt.

We know that they not only do they eat flesh, but they also take vegetable food. How accurate is the composition we have unfortunately not yet able to explore, as the Frahar proceed quite aggressively against curious observers.

What? You are not interested in what I have to say? You want to know why they multiply so suddenly?

*points and turns indignantly away*

My colleague over there investigated the mating behavior, ask him!.


*mumbles to himself *

This cannot be! Why...? But that has yet...!

*jumps in fright*

Don't do that again! Sneaking up on a scientist...Tsk!

*shakes head vigorously*

Oh, you want to know something about Frahar? I can tell you a lot!

I have specialized in the mating behavior of all sorts of animals and the Frahar have made amazing progress lately, do not you think? Well, the females cannot ordinarily be seen. Many homins believe, that the male and the female simply cannot be distinguished apart, as is the case with most animals. But the Frahar females differ significantly from the males. They are smaller and have a lighter coat. As far as I can tell, they are nearly blind, for they are kept from their pack under the surface in dark caves where they care for their offspring.

The hunting pack that is seen usually at the surface consists only of males. Once they have mated with the females they return to the surface while the females care for the young. Their offspring, once matured, venture to the surface and join another clan.

This new generation here is adopted in an astonishing way ! it appears that the clan or the pack is getting stronger. Recently, one could observe how the groups are getting larger and they seem to have organised themselves better and have become more adept at using tools.

There must be some current conditions that are taking its effect on the Frahar allowing them to multiply as massively as hey have. I think that there is an oversupply of food in the areas of the clan or such a development could not occur. But, so far, we have seen no evidence for this theory.

Perhaps it is worth examining the regions of the Frahar for more accurate information. There are a couple of hermits who may have seen more. I would leave but it is too dangerous for me to leave the Academy.

But now please let me continue working. The yubos show a very unusual technique of pairing which I wish to study further.

Desert NPC speeches


The damned Frahar keep us very busy.
Not only are they are becoming more, they also seem to be ordered to move.
Have you ever seen these creatures behave like this? I have not!


I think I must move from here. The water here is not drinkable. I do not know what is going on. The only things that drink from it now are the Frahars. All the other animals avoid it and the last time I tasted it I felt really strange.

Poisons do you think? Well I do not know who would want to poison it. Moreover, no one comes over here really.


*lifts head from meditation*

The so-called primitive people are smarter than most homin are willing to believe. They are creations, though their culture may seem alien and abnormal to us, of Ma-Duk and we should not interfere in the divine, least we draw the ire of punishment from the Kami.

*falls back into trance*

Wandering Madwoman

*giggles in a high tone*

Frahar? What are Frahar?

Oh, you mean those hairy Homins running around everywhere?

*makes a sweeping gesture*

They are quite dear, but who do not mind a bit. They even eat mainly plants or bark or something of that nature... Or at least they get it from the ground... far below,.. faaaaaar.

*gives a wild-eyed look at the formations of the Frahar Towers*

Then they stand up there and dance at the top. This can be seen every night. See? Just up here.

*giggles shrilly*

And then they jump and sail down to the ground. Where they land hundreds of small white hairy homins immediately crawled out of the ground to pay homage to great gliders.

*grins and spreads his arms and looks expectantly at the ground as if witnessing many small Frahar immediately popping out of the ground*


Here one cannot become rich because people are so spoiled. The raw materials here just are not good enough. But the region is overflowing with them! I can forage only a small fraction of it and you would hardly notice. Yes, here it is always lonely. Nobody else is buildings things from here.

Frahar Hunter

These damn Frahar! If the increase continues they will overrun us! We do have our hands full keeping the roads clear here, but there are just so many...

*Sighs from exhaustion*

Sometimes I do think that we would be better to withdraw from the region and focus on the border with Oflovak's oasis. Especially since we hardly have any water...

Fortunately, our supplies have been supplemented with water from the Aeden Aqueous. But I do not know how long the supplies will last. With the Frahar multiplying so quickly, the water is now undrinkable!

*Stands tall*

But we do not give up! We must not give up! The Empire needs us!


This part of the event started at 19:00 GMT, Sunday, 1 August, 2010.
Digging in Oflovak's Oasis.

The warriors and foragers trickled into Northlake Farm where they were awaited by the Fyros Akenak and Overseer Pin Ulyn of the Barkers tribe. Pin Ulyn explained what her tribe had discovered: If a substantial amount of resources would be removed from 6 specific locations, it would tip the scales and restore the balance for the time being. She explained that 3 of those locations were in Oflovak's Oasis, and 3 were in Frahar Towers.

She led the entire party to the first location in Oflovak's Oasis, near Northlake Trade Post, and had them dig enough resources to reduce the Kami Tolerance is that area by about 20%. The same was then done in the two other locations, near both southern corners of the region. As Oflovak's Oasis was for the most part not occupied by Frahar, the foragers did not need to be guarded and the operation proceeded smoothly.

Against the Frahar

Digging against a horizon of Frahar.

But next they would have to extract resources from Frahar Towers, which was nearly completely overrun. The first location Pin Ulyn led them to was only just across the border, but occupied by hundreds of Frahar. Thus the foragers all donned their battle gear and started slowly and painstakingly thinning out the Frahar. During the fighting, they heard of a Frahar named Pratarr who appeared to be leading these Frahar.

They quickly became bored with how long it took to kill all the Frahar, so they tried instead to run around the Frahar to the dig site. But this resulted in disaster as they ended up getting caught between two armies of Frahar. Most of the homins were slaughtered, and the survivors scattered around the region. It then took a very long time for the survivors to reorganise and return, the fallen to be revived, and the scattered groups to reunite into a single army.

Once the army was reunited, they decided removing the Frahar from the dig site would be only way, and returned to the task of slowly thinning them out. Eventually they managed to clear the entire area and could safely bring out their picks to remove the excess resources, while some dedicated warriors remained armed to protect the foragers from the groups of Frahar that still sporadically attacked from faraway.

Clearing out

Digging outside Dyron.

Though they had succeeded in removing the resources from this location, this operation had so exhausted the homin army they worried they'd not be able to repeat it two more times. But Pin Ulyn told them the last two locations should be easier to reach. Indeed, the next location was just outside Dyron, which they could reach through the safe corridor in the middle of Frahar Towers that had remained free of Frahar. And once at the location the homins only had to deal with a few groups of Frahar while the foragers removed the resources.

The last location was in the far south of Frahar Towers, which they could reach safely by travelling through Dunes of Exile, and the location itself had not a Frahar in sight. Though the warriors still had their hands full guarding the foragers from varinx and kinchers.

Once enough resources had been removed from this last location, the operation was declared a success. Though the Frahar were still all over the region and would still have to be dealt with, Pin Ulyn concluded they should not be able to multiply quickly enough to replenish their numbers anymore. The Akenak thanked Pin Ulyn for her services and all the homins for their help.


Most of the homins of the expedition returned home. But though the Frahar would not multiply anymore, the region was still overrun with them and they would still have to be removed. Thus some of the more zealous homins immediately got to work on clearing out the Frahar that remained.

Meanwhile the Akenak made one last stop at the Fraiders camp, where they asked the Fraiders about this Pratarr who appeared to be leading the Frahar. They learned Pratarr was an ex-Fraider who left the tribe to engineer the downfall of hominkind. The Fraiders suggested perhaps destroying enough totems would draw him out for a final confrontation.

A rerun of this event was scheduled for 02:00 GMT, Monday, 2 August, 2010. But it is unknown whether this indeed took place.

Four months later, the final confrontation with Pratarr took place.

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