Fyros History of the New Beginning

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de:Geschichte der Fyros - der Neubeginn
en:Fyros History of the New Beginning
es:Historia de los Fyros, el nuevo comienzo
fr:Histoire des Fyros, le Nouveau Commencement
ru:История Файроса, Нового Начала
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From 2481 the kitins set out on a crusade to obliterate all traces of hominkind. Many homins were able to escape through teleportation "rainbows" leading to safe haven in the Prime Roots of faraway lands. Kami and Karavan forces did their best to give homins safe conduct to the rainbows until these too were destroyed by kitins.

Homins caught in the old lands could but flee into the wilds where they were forced to live nomadic lives in constant fear of kitin attack. In the Prime Root sanctuary, meanwhile, homins had no choice but to learn to tolerate other races and make do until the Karavan could reassure them that the kitins no longer presented a threat.

The period known as the New Beginning marks the beginning of a new era and spans three generations from the resurfacing from the sanctuary of the Prime Root caverns to present day times.


  • Resurfacing from Prime Root sanctuary after Karavan go ahead.
  • Take possession of desert lands.
  • Imperial Dunes explored. First bricks of the city of Pyr laid behind the site where the embalmed body of Emperor Cerakos II is burned on a natural pyre. This pyre constitutes the main gate of the city.
  • An annual feast is declared on the day of the pyre of Cerakos in memory of those whose perished during the Great Swarming Pyr is built around a water hole which offers natural fire barriers against kitin invasion.
  • The tribe of the Barkers play a preponderant role in collecting the necessary raw materials for construction of the new capital.
  • Leanon, the sister of Cerakos II, rules as Regent till Dexton, his son of three, comes of age.
  • Karavan seal Prime Root entrances and forbid their opening.
  • Fyos resume relations with Kamis.
  • Black Faces Guild reformed, ancient guild of miners.


  • The area of Imperial Dunes explored and secured made relatively safe.
  • Fyros search to elucidate mystery of kitin swarming.
  • Discord with Karavan over Fyros mining activities.
  • First commemoration of Day of the Pyre takes place on the winter solstice. Under the moon of the winter solstice, a procession of penitent miners carries an effigy of Cerakos II from Cerakos Gate to the Regent’s residence then back again as a symbol of continuity. The effigy is then burnt on the pyre in remembrance of the dead.
  • Tribe of the Watchers founded to list and gain control over fire spots.


  • Karavan punish Fyros miners intent on reaching source of fire. Kamis intervene in favor of Fyros.
  • Scholars question Karavan impuissance against kitin onslaughts during Great Swarming.
  • Emergence of Guild of Elias.
  • Frahar Towers explored, named after frahars who live there.


  • Karavan alters banished from Fyros towns.


  • Arrival of first refugees from road of exodus leading from old lands opened by great Fyros traveling merchant, Oflovak Rydon. Welcome structure set up to promote integration of Fyros refugees in new society.
  • Act of Integration allowing homins to rejoin their own civilization.
  • Creation of Safe Zone; camps of Aegus, Kaemon, Sekovix, Phyxon and Galemus established to welcome and train Fyros refugees.


  • Village of Thesos and Dyron founded.
  • Number of refugees from the exodus begins to fall.
  • New areas of Prime Roots secretly explored.


  • Great fighter Kalus Hym arrives from old lands with new methods of combat. He shared the road of the exodus with great fighters of other peoples collectively known as the Guild of the Force of Fraternity.
  • First outposts set up.


  • First signs of kitin presence on new found lands.
  • Pact of Mutual Assistance (PMA) signed by Leanon, Hoi-Cho, Yasson and Mac’Darrell to fight conjointly against kitins.
  • Contingents of Fyros established on every continent.
  • Guild of the Force of Fraternity embark on campaign (to 2492) of mixed homins to rid new homin lands of hostile kitins.


  • New trade routes traced and opened into foreign lands.
  • Guild of Trail Blazers founded.
  • Construction of great forge in Pyr according to the plans of Xamus, the great Fyros crafter.


  • Members of guild of Force of Fraternity rejoin their own countries after their two year campaign against the kitins.


  • Kalus dies protecting Dexton.


  • The grand sage openly questions role of Karavan and the teachings of Jena.
  • Multiracial Guild of Elias gains in popularity throughout homin lands.
  • Kitins reappear but kept in check with new methods of combat handed down by the guild of Force of Fraternity.


  • Guild of Elias, portrayed as a sect against the church of Jena, is banished by Karavan.
  • Prime Root link established to Tryker lands.
  • Mercenary tribes and bandits fuel feeling of antagonism for personal gain. General feeling of insecurity.



  • Turnpikes established on trade routes under Matis authority.
  • Passage in Prime Roots made difficult by Karavan surveillance.
  • Fyros use Zorai routes to avoid paying their way through Matis territory.
  • Matis revocation of Edict of Four Peoples (signed in Prime Roots in 2481).
  • Zoraï leader, Hoi-Cho and Leanon sign Pact of Alliance in the name of the Kamis.



  • Dexton distinguishes himself as great leader in battle.
  • Dexton captured by Matis elite tribe.


  • Mabreka negotiates Dexton’s release for 1 million dappers.
  • Peace Treaty signed by Leanon, Yasson, Hoi-Cho and Mac’Darrell over Lagoons of Loria which becomes free territory.


  • Dexton is proclaimed emperor with the death of Leanon.



  • Surtax imposed on Fyros goods passing through Verdant Heights.
  • Fyros pass through Zorai lands to continue trade with Trykers.
  • Fire in Zorai country blamed on Fyros travelers. Zorai block trade routes running through their lands.
  • Tribe of the Leviers founded as a reaction against Matis persecution of Fyros.


  • Matis battalion invades Fyros lands. Dexton, with the help of Mabreka, defeats Matis at Sawdust Mines.
  • Following Matis campaign to Burning Desert, Fyros and Zorai sign pact of alliance in case of Matis attack.
  • Mabreka becomes new Zorai leader and allows Fyros to pass through jungle trade routes.


  • Persecution of Fyros established in Matis dominions.




  • Peace treaty signed at Fairhaven by Dexton, Mabreka, Wyler, and Yrkanis.


  • Summit of Hoi-Cho, four homin powers (Yrkanis, Dexton, Mabreka and Wyler) sign Free Trade Agreement to establish free movement of merchants in all homin territories.


  • Ratification of Homin Rights Act first instigated by Tryker Council.



  • The descendants of the destitute multitudes who never found the rainbows in time, each day come to swell their populations.