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Chronicles of Atys

Before the Great Swarming

Fire of Coriolis

Chronicles of the Great Swarming - From 2481 to 2484 (JY).

Massacre and flight

The return of Hope

Chronicles of the New Beginning - _From 2484 to 2525._

Chronicles of Aeden Aqueous

Story of a young Corsair, _about the youth of legendary fighter Bremmen O'Derry:_

Chronicles of the Verdant Heights

Chronicles of the Witherings

Chronicles of the New Beginning - _Since 2525._

Erlan's Chronicles

Chronicles of Aeden Aqueous

Chronicles of the Burning Desert

Story of a young Fyros, _the meeting of a Fyros with a Kami, date unknown:_

Chronicles of the Verdant Heights

Chronicles of the Witherings

Trytonist chronicles

  • In The Beginning, _various extracts of "very confused memories" of Shrewd Gibbaï, seeker of Elias._ *New chronicle!*
  • A new Seeker of Elias, _COMING SOON..._
  • Hiaoi, seeker of Elias, _interview with Hiaoi, seeker of Elias. _Excerpt from Volume 1, "In the Shadow of Tao Sian", written by Kuangi Wu Shi in the winter of 2574._

Marauders chronicles

Chronicles linked to the Temple War

_Events evolving in the years 2530-2531 JY._

In Jena's light:

Chronicles linked to Spring, when tents blossomed

_Events evolving in the years AC II 2546 to 25## JY._

Diverse chronicles

The Circle of Darkness, _the meeting between a Tribe Chief and a Homin:

The Kami of the Lost Souls, _the adventures of a young Karavaneer in the Nexus:

The Followers, _series about the voyage of two families, Tryker and Zoraï, through the Old Lands and their arrival in the New Lands with the refugees, about 2525 (JY):_

Anlor Winn Tales

Atysmas Tales