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Verdant Heights geography in detail:
Foret 1.jpg
Home of the Matis
Fleeting Garden Grove of Confusion Heretic's Hovel Hidden Source Knoll of Dissent Majestic Garden Upper Bog
Ancient Dryads Darkening Sap Ecowarriors First Deserters Green Seed Matisian Border Guards Oasis Diggers Sacred Sap Sap Slaves Siblings of the Weeds The Arid Matis The Slash and Burn Woven Bridles


This template adds a navigation table to the page the template is used on. There are three ways to use this template:

  • {{Areas Forest}} The template adds a collapsible table to the page.
  • {{Areas Forest|collapsed}} The template adds a collapsed table, which can be expanded, to the page.
  • {{Areas Forest|expanded}} The template add a expanded table, which can be collapsed, to the page.
  • {{Areas Forest|none}} The template adds a table to the page which has no collapsible properties.

Note: This template adds the pages it's used on in Category:Verdant Heights.