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Zorais titre.png
Amber of Homin civilization
Zor emblem.png
Keepers of the Wild
Continent The Jungle Witherings
Capital Zora
Politic Theocracy
Great Sage Mabreka
Assembly Assembly of the Circles. Non-hostile visitors are welcome and must remain outside the sacred perimeter of the Circles.
Agora Temple Hall
Trait Spiritual
ZoraiBox 1.png
Kami Allegiance
Karavan Foe
Fyros Friend
Matis Suspicious
Trykers Suspicious
Zoraïs Laï-ho'i(Initiated) and Li'laï-ho'i(Awakens)
Marauders Foe
Rangers Neutral
Trytonists Foe

The Zoraï are feared mystics from the dark and hidden jungles who zealously serve the living planet. In their search for spiritual enlightenment, the Zoraï have grown close to the mysterious Kami.

Over the centuries the Zoraï have built up a relationship with the Kamis and started to proudly wear the Kami mask of kinship which distinguishes them from other homin races.

Following their society's three governing principles of Wisdom, Spiritual Accomplishment, and Respect for Nature, the Zoraï have searched for knowledge where others have searched for personal gain. The Zoraï were the first to write the spoken word so that the knowledge of their ancestors could prevail. Their society became structured around magnificent temple-cities where grand ceremonies were orchestrated to drive back the flora devouring cancer which the Kamis were powerless to repel themselves.

Since the devastating swarming of kitins, the Zoraï have once again expressly chosen their new sites in the middle of the enchanting jungle where pollution of the Goo is rife.

Now they seek to recover the magnificence of their former dynasty and make it shine as a beacon of wisdom. They are keen to share spiritual awareness throughout the world so that all hominkind may attain eternal bliss.


Zor emblem.png

The first Zoraï were a mysterious group of people who lived in the ancient jungles in the region known as Zoran south of the river Ti-aïn. It is not known exactly when the Zoraï settled in the area but it was probably somewhere between 2199 and 2205. The first Zoraï set up camp in the jungle when a tribe of them came into contact with the Kami. Given to mysticism, the Zoraï built up mysterious temple cities centered around the worship of the Kamis. The goo-infested area the Zoraï had claimed was not prized by other people and their civilization was able to quickly expand becoming a force to be reckoned with. Led by a dynasty of spiritual chieftains, they were able to annex jungle land easily fending off Fyros attacks on their impregnable temple cities.

Under the Cho dynasty they undertook a campaign of territorial expansion to house their ever-increasing populations. They began to set up settlements to the north nearer to other homin civilizations. On witnessing what they saw as barbarous acts of cruelty they began the construction of a great wall delimiting their territory to preserve peace and harmony within and to keep undesirables out. This policy enabled them to steer clear of futile and soul destroying acts of violence and to keep out of the scourge of interracial warfare that continuously ravaged the ancient lands.

In the cover of their vast protected provinces, they were able to develop a form of writing and gave themselves to spiritual enlightenment. However, in 2481, under the authority of Min-Cho, the great dynasty crumbled like a house of cards with the kitin onslaughts which, in their self-imposed segregation, the Zoraï were powerless to counter.

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Physical Traits

Zoraï are tall beings and have blue skin. Their hair often resembles grass and leaves and comes in a variety of natural colours. The Zoraï, being fervent worshippers of Ma-Duk, have masks infused onto their faces.

Mask of Kinship

Each Zoraï wears a mask. They are not born with this mask, rather it is placed on the faces of young Zoraï by the Kami during an adoption ritual. These are living masks and act as the face of a Zoraï for the remainder of their lives. The masks are made from bone, cartilage, flesh and sap.

Unique Abilities

Zoraï are the masters of magnetism and the floating buildings in Zora stand as a testament to this.

They are the only race to make Electric Weapons and teach the Electricity elemental spell.

They are also the only race to teach the Magnetic Cartographer and Medic occupations.


The Zoraï have established their enchanting towns and villages in the jungle where the Sap flows in abundance and nourishes the thriving flora. Despite the welcoming and colorful labyrinth of plant life, the perils are manifold. The jungle in many areas is beset by the pestilent goo - a cancer that nibbles inexorably at life ravaging habitats, plants and bearing forth hideous monsters. However, the experienced explorer will be rewarded by the many beautiful resources that can be found here like precious amber.

The climate is variable, the perfect tranquillity may be suddenly broken by the clash of thunder and raging storms.


Zoraï society is governed by a council of Awakened and Sages and a Great Sage. The current ruler is Mabreka Cho.

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Previous Great Sages


The language of the Zoraï is called Taki Zoraï.

Main Article: Language of the Zoraï

In addition to that they have their own sacred pictographic writing.

Main Article: Zoraï pictograms

Principles & Traditions

Main article: Zoraï Civilization
  • Spiritual accomplishment
  • Wisdom and teaching
  • Harmony of body and soul
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Ecology

Being a Zoraï

You are a young homin refugee. You have wisely responded to the calling of your people in taking the long and perilous journey from the old lands. For the last forty four years we have been rebuilding the foundations of our society in these new lands of promise, we need your help. After a period of training, you will be able to put your skills to good use and help rebuild our civilization.

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