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Geographical Amber
Abyss of Ichor
AbyssOfIchor map.jpg
Region Level 150 - 200
Neutral Altar None
Area 1.538 km²

Abyss of Ichor is a Prime Roots region and, as it doesn't border any other Prime Roots regions, also a Prime Roots section all on it's own. It's connected by tunnels to the Verdant Heights to the north and to Nexus to the south-west.

Though the region is level 150-200, it has some dangers you'd typically only find in higher level Prime Roots regions. Two level 260 named kitin wander around, as do several kitin patrols of level 225-250. This makes the Abyss of Ichor much more dangerous than it's level range would suggest.


Fauna and Flora

The thriving populations of bodocs, yelks and gubani in the Abyss of Ichor are constantly preyed upon by large numbers of varinx and tyrancha. In places, thick concentrations of kitins can be found, including kirostas, kinchers, and kipuckas.

Kitin patrols roam the Abyss, constantly looking for unwary homins.

On top of this, the Abyss is home to several named and boss creatures:

Flora consists mostly of small jubla forests.



A series of interconnected caves criss-crossing beneath the low hills in the south-east part of the region.

Saprun Watch

A large shallow lake of sap at the heart of the region.

The few deep spots here are the only places in the Abyss a homin can escape from pursuing kitin patrols or other predators and kitins too big for him to defeat.


Hallowed Mountain

A large underground mountain that dominates the north-west part of the region. It cannot be climbed and travellers must go around.


Settling Groups

Bandit Camps


Sap Gleaners

Races: Zoraï

Religion: Kami


Camp: Abyss of Ichor (map)

Notable NPCs

Ba-Nung Liangi
Rosissi Pepi

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