de:In der Haut eines Fyros
fr:Dans la peau d’un fyros
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We are the champions of the desert who stand by a strict code of honor. We are the warriors of knowledge who vow never to retreat in our quest for the truth behind the Dragon of the Myth. Neither the Law of Jena nor Karavan prohibitions will stop us from delving down into the bowels of Atys where we have uncovered as many mysterious relics as evils.

We are protectors of the more fertile regions. For we are the only ones brave enough to rebuild our towns in the scorching desert where the Dragon is most likely to resurface.

From the hostile dunes we shall shape our new Empire, make it strong, and build our alliance with the Kami whose magic we are proud to wield. We also aspire to further develop our knowledge of the fabrication of fire-toughened tools and weaponry to help in our conquest of the truth.

  If you're keen and just, come join our ranks, Homin. The Empire needs you!


Who am I?

You are a young homin refugee. You have bravely taken the long and perilous journey from the old lands to these new lands where we have begun building our new Empire. Once you’ve got enough training behind you, you’ll be able to put your skills to good use for our Emperor and help rebuild our civilization.

Who are my ancestors?

By sword and fire, your ancestors forged the most powerful empire in history. Honor their memory as long as you live! But the fruit of their labor was destroyed by great invasions of kitins. Your parents, and their parents, were lucky to escape the massacre. For many years they survived in the wilds of Atys where you were brought up. They showed great courage in urging you to take the long road to join your own people here in these new lands. Now you have found us you must live up to their courage. It’s taken forty four years of blood and sweat to build the foundations of our new Empire, your generation must now build it up.

Who is our leader?

Dexton is our lawful Emperor, you owe him your allegiance. His orders can only be debated in higher spheres. Until you have gained enough rank you will not contest them. Never forget it, young homin! You will carry out imperial orders with success or you die trying, otherwise you will willingly tarnish the name of your ancestors. Dexton has chosen the best to counsel him, Abycus Zekops and Kyla Dyntheus are his senators.

What do we believe in?

We believe in the energy of Atys, the energy that fills every being with life and conscience. According to the Zoraïs, the Kamis are a manifestation of that great energy that created the world which they call Ma-Duk. Though we refuse blind adherence to their teachings, over these last years we have become closer to the Kamis to escape Karavan sanctions for mining and underground exploration. To the Kamis we owe, if not our faith, our loyalty.

What are our values?

The Fyros hold a belief in four idealogical pillars, all of which must be upheld by every Fyros for the empire to succeed. Each pillar is represented by a monument in the area around Pyr, and any Fyros wishing to become a recognised citizen of the empire must know and understand the pillars intimately.

What are our prohibitions?

What are our goals?

Our empire suffered greatly from the Great Swarming. Our sense of discipline has allowed us to survive much better than the Matis or the Trykers, our great city of Pyr is proof. We must now:

Who are our friends?

Since the Peace Treaty signed at Fairhaven, we have been at peace with the other homin peoples. Nevertheless, the past has left us with many scars as tokens of past instability, and our relations vary depending on the civilizations.

Who are our other enemies?

How can I help my people?

We need crafters, harvesters, magicians and warriors to maintain and make our civilization stronger.

What can I expect of my people?

What is our new land?

Our people first settled on these desert lands in 2483 on their resurfacing from the new found land Prime Roots. The desert is the toughest region of all though this has always been the challenge equal to our courage and the values of our people. Since 2487 we have been continually rejoined by refugees having taken the road from the old lands, the very road you have courageously taken.

What can I expect from Atys, our world?

Atys is abound with raw materials, young homin. As long as you respect the environment you will reap many a reward from her bosom. As you become skilled in the ways of the world you will learn to tame the wilderness and conquer new grounds.

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