Heretic's Hovel

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Geographical Amber
Heretic's Hovel
HH map.jpg
Sub-Continent Verdant Heights
Region Level 150 - 200
Neutral Altar Kami and Karavan
Area 2.308 km²
de:Ketzers Hütte
en:Heretic's Hovel
es:Cabaña del Hereje
fr:Masure de l'Hérétique
ru:Логово Еретика
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One of the two southern most regions of Verdant Heights. The region can roughly be divided into two parts: Northern and Southern Heretic's Hovel. The north of the region contains a lot of the usual forest, dotted here and there by rock formations. The south has a darker atmosphere and consists completely out of a naturally formed maze.

Fauna and Flora


Chilling Swamp

A swamp like area which can only be reached by going through the maze. It is surrounded on all sides by the maze. A great amount of kitin and degenerates call this area home.

Folly Plains

Maze of Sprite

Maze of Sprite is the name of the most southern section of the maze of Heretic's Hovel. It stretches from the portal to the lagoons east towards the Chilling Swamp and up towards the Maze of Sprite Border Post.


Falls of the Two Totems

A waterfall of some significance located near one of the entrances to the maze of Heretic's Hovel. There are large totems erected on either side of the waterfall.


  • Chilling Swamp Research Center
  • Folly Farm
  • Greenpool Workshop
  • Maze of Sprite Border Post
  • Upper Hovel Diplomatic Outpost

Settling Groups

Bandit Camps


Notable NPCs

Liangi Li-Qiao
Mac'Laughan Garmer
Nirni Ciori
Aniero Anini
Chiachi Frepi
Miaro Cilli
Ulylus Lyseus
Viccia Lichini
Miache Rosipi
Pecho Cuidi
Vani Cuindi
Pecho Cuisti
Xylion Krinn

Verdant Heights geography in detail:
Foret 1.jpg
Home of the Matis
Fleeting Garden Grove of Confusion Heretic's Hovel Hidden Source Knoll of Dissent Majestic Garden Upper Bog
Ancient Dryads Darkening Sap Ecowarriors First Deserters Green Seed Matisian Border Guards Oasis Diggers Sacred Sap Sap Slaves Siblings of the Weeds The Arid Matis The Slash and Burn Woven Bridles