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This page contains information about a Ryzom component or feature that has been removed or replaced. The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Map of Fyros island

The Fyros island was the original starting zone for the Fyros race. It later got replaced by Silan.


In 2487 JY, Empress Leanon established this zone as a safe hub to welcome newly arriving Fyros refugees. Five camps were set up to give Homins a refuge and offer a place for training their skills before they would eventually venture to the Burning Desert, their new home in the New Lands.


  • Aegus, located in the Northwest
  • Galemus, located in the Southeast
  • Kaemon, located in the middle
  • Phyxon, located in the Southwest
  • Sekovix, located in the Northeast


While every race originally had their own starting zone, dropping numbers of players made it necessary to merge these into just one starting zone. As of 2006 all new players in Ryzom start on Silan which is basically a remake of the Matis island. The original starting zones have been inaccessible ever since.

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