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Disambig icon.png This article is about a town in the jungles. For the Great Sage, see Hoï-Cho (sage).

Map of Hoï-Cho

One of the Zoraï cities west of Zora in Cities of Intuition, The Witherings.

City Residents

A Zoraï meditating on a hill, with Hoï-Cho in the background.
  • Barman : Gai-Guan Vao
  • Crafter : Hiang Di-Shuan
  • Fighter : Zhao Shu-Quan
  • Frontier Messenger : Ki Bai-Kung
  • Frontier Supplier : Liangi Qai-Be
  • Frontier Supplier : Luoi Ke-Piang
  • Guard Chief : Sai-Ju Biani
  • Harvester : Hiang Si-Tin
  • Heavy Armor Merchant : Zhao Qi-Quang
  • Intendant : She-Jua Mu
  • Jewel Merchant : La-Viang Tao
  • Light Armor Merchant : Gei Pei-Ziao
  • Magician : Dao Vo-Nuang
  • Medium Armor Merchant : Din Xo-Yuang
  • Melee Weapon Merchant : Fa Ye-Ciang
  • Melee Weapon Merchant : Zhao Bai-Kung
  • Overseer : Luoi Nai-Da
  • Overseer : Si-Tin Geoi
  • Range Weapon Merchant : Hen Qai-Be
  • Raw Materials Merchant : Dao Bai-Fuang
  • Sage : Do-Vi Mu
  • Sergeant : Kungi Nai-Da
  • Sergeant : Liangi Wo-Lo
  • Stable Boy : Sun Shuai-Nang
  • Tools Merchant : La-Viang Ge
  • Village Welcomer : Qui-Le Guai

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