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Craftjenn OCC Notes

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Notes: (Amosys, 2019-06-30)

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Drafts, notes, OCC...

OCC Notes

  • I have done several tests, mainly translations. The french and english wikis are sooo different ! Trying to delete and move obsolete/wrong information in wiki (such ceB informations).
  • Now, I am more familiar with the EnclyclopAtys and wrote several tutorials on the French wiki, and some howto pages regarding EnclyclopAtys and how to translate on it.

See for ex

  • New2019 about the big 2019's changes, and the ones for 2018, 2017.
  • Easy Dapper guide pasted from the forum...
  • At the last Forge meeting, we talked about a Memorial Project. I didn't found on the forum such project yet, but I created a structure for it.

It will convenient for Discussions (the link goes to create an discussion on my English profile), regarding some issues about translations (Spanish, German...) - I will check it for remarks and questions :p

But I think that the new channel we have now on RC will be even faster and easier
#pub-ryzom-wiki is the RC channel to talk about wikis

Development or novlang ?

Help with the wikis


Work in Progress: Chat Chat/RC channel list, Memorial Project

Page I created here (as I am French, thanks to correct my bad english, when done add a comment in my discussion on here) Market Webapps/API key Search and find Mektoub FAQ Merchant , Writing Guide Neutral Easy Dapper guide, User:Craftjenn/How I became a Ranger User:Craftjenn/bio User:Craftjenn/main ‎ Guild Island/Gallery Guild Island New2019 Development or novlang ? Webapps main User:Craftjenn/tips APageRPandOOC SOS/catImage Atys Mag Wheel of fortune/prizes New 2018 WikiTrad-EN Help talk:How to help WikiTrad/WikiTrad-EN ... Occupation ighelp

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